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Elton John's 1970 breakout hit "Your Song" was written by Elton and originally recorded by the band Three Dog Night, but they did not release it as a single as they wanted to let John, then an upcoming artist, have a go with it.

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Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys got an F in his high school Music class for writing what would become their breakout hit "Surfin'". The grade was later changed to an A in 2018 when Wilson was 75.

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  1. Weezer's breakout hit "Buddy Holly" was almost left off the band's debut studio album

  2. Elvis Presley's first breakout hit was Heartbreak Hotel in 1956.

  3. Ricky Gervais was part of a synthpop duo called Seona Dancing in the 80s. They had a breakout hit "Seona Dancing" in the Philippines

  4. Cars singer Ric Ocasek, did NOT sing lead vocals on their breakout hit “Just What I Needed”.

  5. Alannis Morissette's breakout hit "You Oughta Know" features RHCP's Dave Navarro (guitar) and Flea (bass)

  6. Jewel's 1997 breakout album, Pieces of You, was released in 1995. When it finally got airplay - 2 YEARS later - they re-recorded her two biggest hits for the 97 album

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