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At a 'The Who' concert in 1969, a man rushed the stage and tried to take the microphone. Roger Daltrey punched him in the face, and Pete Townshend kicked him in the crotch. The man was actually a plain-clothes policeman trying to warn of a large fire next door. Townshend was later arrested

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After Keith Moon passed out on stage performing with The Who, Pete Townshend asked the crowd if anyone knew how to play drums. Scot Halpin, a fan, finished the show with the band.

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  1. The film The Iron Giant was originally meant to be a musical, with songs written by Pete Townshend from The Who. Townshend's reaction to the finished movie was "Well, whatever, I got paid."

  2. Keith Moon and John Entwistle once payed a hooker $100 to give Pete Townshend gonorrhea

  3. Keith Moon (drummer for The Who) took horse tranquilizer before a live show in 1973, causing him to pass out on his drum kit. After efforts to revive him failed, guitarist Pete Townshend decided to choose a lucky fan from the crowd to finish the set for Keith.

  4. In 1968 The Who were on the verge of breaking up after the single "Dogs" failed to hit the Top 20 and their instrument smashing kept them in debt. However, Pete Townshend had the idea of the album "Tommy", and the group decided to make it.

  5. One aspect of John Entwistle's life that emerged after his death came as a surprise even to those closest to him, including the members of the Who. "It wasn't until the day of his funeral that I discovered that he'd spent most of his life as a Freemason," said Pete Townshend.

  6. In 1967 The Who's Pete Townshend went deaf in one ear becasue drummer Keith Moon's drum kit exploded a little too soon

  7. In order to get the right sound effects for The Who's song 5:15, Pete Townshend's driver bribed a train driver with £5 to have him sound the whistle as the train was leaving the station, which was against the station rules.

  8. Pete Townshend of The Who reportedly wrote "My Generation" after the Queen Mother had his 1935 Packard towed away from Belgravia because she was offended by the sight of a car like the one used in her husband's funeral. Townshend would have had to pay £250 to retrieve his £30 car.

  9. In 1989 The Who's Pete Townshend wrote a musical adapting Ted Hughes' story The Iron Man. The story was later adapted to the big screen as the animated feature The Iron Giant

  10. In 1989 Darren Atkinson, a The Who fan, trespassed singer Roger Daltrey's property and told him that he wanted to be The Who's drummer. Daltrey greeted him warmly, but guitarist Pete Townshend told Darren “I don’t give a fuck” after learning about his plans. Atkinson is now the CEO of Hiwatt.

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While The Who's guitarist Pete Townshend considers "Magic Bus" his favourite song to play, bassist John Entwistle claimed it was his least favourite song by the band due to the one-repeated-note bass part.

The Iron Giant was originally going to be a musical featuring the work of Pete Townshend of The Who - source

The Who guitarist Pete Townshend was completely deafened in one ear after his drummer Keith Moon put dynamite in the bass drum of his drum set and set it off on stage. - source

Pete Townshend of The Who was on the sex offender registry after he used his credit card to download child porn, which he claimed he did as "research."

Eric Clapton, Joan Baez, Willie Nelson, Bob Weir, John Mayer, Trey Anastasio, Pete Townshend, Gregg Allman and Ziggy Marley recycle their used guitar strings into bracelets and sell them with all the proceeds going to charity. - source

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When Pete Townshend of The Who wrote "Mirror Door", a song about dead musicians, he mentioned Doris Day among them. However, he later learned that Day was still alive at the time.

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Pete Townshend guitarist for the Who released the song "Rough Boys", calling it a "coming out" and acknowledgment of the fact that he had a gay life and 5 years later issued a retraction saying it was about gay friends of his

Paul McCartney wrote "Helter Skelter" as a response to Pete Townshend of The Who describing his band's "I Can See For Miles" as their loudest, rawest, dirtiest song yet.

Pete Townshend from The Who, produced The Iron Giant.

Pete Townshend of The Who had the idea of Lifehouse, a rock opera that would be adapted to the audience' biographical data and astrological chart at each concert in order to create mass nirvana among the audience. The idea was scrapped, but the storyline was turned into Who's Next.

Many dates of The Who's 1969 tour of the US were professionally recorded. A live album was planned, but Pete Townshend balked at going through all the tapes. He went so far as to burn all the tapes in his garden. "Live At Leeds" was planned, recorded, and released shortly after this.

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Pete Townshend, who was forced to register as a sex offender in 2003 after authorities determined he downloaded child porn, broke his longstanding silence on the incident with a claim that he was trying to prove banks profit from pedophile rings.

The Iron Giant was almost adapted from a rock-opera stage production by The Who's Pete Townshend, which was adapted from a concept album of his, which was adapted from the book The Iron Man by Ted Hughes first published in 1968.

In 1971 Binky Philips wrote a 32-page letter describing The Who and its guitarist Pete Townshend as the best in rock music and sent it to Townshend. In response, the guitarist gave him a pre-release copy of his solo album Who Came First, with the same songs and order as the 1972 release version.

The backing synthesizer track in "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who is a mixture of human traits programmed into a synthesizer by Pete Townshend.

The Who's guitarist Pete Townshend smashed at least 35 guitars in 1967

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Behind Blue Eyes by the Who is actually Pete Townshend's reflections on having been sexually abused as a child and it's aftermath. Incredibly powerful lyrics in this context. Listen to demo.

Pete Townshend of The Who suffered from partial deafness which began with Keith Moon, the drummer, hiding a charge of explosives in one of the performances

When Keith Moon moved into the apartment in which Cass Elliott died at the age of 32, his landlord was afraid that it was cursed, but Moon's bandmate Pete Townshend told him that "lightning wouldn't strike the same place twice". Moon died there a few months later, aged 32.

In 2010, Pete Townshend was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of West London. As a matter of fact, yes: there is a doctor in The Who.

The Who's Pete Townshend considers Pinball Wizard to be the "most clumsy piece of writing" he had ever made.

On The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, The Who's drummer, Keith Moon, had extra charges added into his bass drum for the explosion at the end of the song "My Generation" without telling his band mates. Pete Townshend claims to have gone deaf in his right ear.

Pete Townshend (The Who)was put on sex offenders register in 2003

The original version of Eminence Front by The Who has a syncopation (timing flaw) in the first chorus where Pete Townshend sings one syllable behind compared to Roger Daltrey. This was later corrected in the remastered version of the song.

Baba O'Riley was meant to be the beginning of a rock opera written by Pete Townshend

Musician David Crosby and fellow addict (and future wife) Jan Dance were such a corrosive influence on each other, she was legally ordered not to see him for 5 years. Crosby eventually got clean not from going to rehab or a plea from Pete Townshend, but from serving time in prison.

Pete Townshend of The Who wrote the lyric "Hope I die before I get old" (My Generation) after England's Queen Mother had his 1935 Packard hearse towed from the front of his home. She had it moved because her husband had been buried in a similar vehicle and it reminded her of him.

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