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A brain injury sustained during a mugging turned a man who used to think "math is stupid" into a mathematical savant with a form of synaesthesia that lets him see the world in fractals.

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George Clooney once contemplated suicide while recovering from a head injury sustained from filming a thriller movie, as the pain as so great. He basically bruised his brain and couldn’t take painkillers due to a family history of addiction. He had to use therapy to get through it.

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  1. Rubbing an injury right after it happens alleviates pain because the spinal chord preferentially forwards pressure signals (to the brain) over pain signals

  2. A study found that nearly half of all homeless men had suffered a "traumatic" brain injury, with 87% having sustained the injury prior to becoming homeless

  3. Solitary confinement can cause neurological damage that is so profound it can be seen on EEG-scans and "the brain may become as impaired as one that has incurred a traumatic injury"

  4. The family of Chris Benoit, the 40 year old wrestler who killed his wife and son before hanging himself in 2007, consider his death a result of brain damage, after tests showed years of wrestling injuries left him with the brain of an 85 year old with an advanced form of dementia

  5. Sean Baker, a Military Policeman at Guantanamo Bay, was ordered to impersonate a prisoner in a secret training mission for US Soldiers to practice extracting uncooperative inmates from their cells. He was beaten so hard he suffered from major seizures caused by traumatic brain injury.

  6. Orlando Serrell suffered a traumatic brain injury when playing baseball as a kid that went untreated due to his families financial situation. However since the day of his accident he's been able to recall every day of his life, including the date, day of the week and the weather.

  7. In 1983 a mentally ill young man who shot himself in the head in a suicide attempt suffered a brain injury that apparently eliminated his phobia of germs and his obsession with washing his hands.

  8. Elvis Presley actually died from an autoimmune disorder caused from multiple traumatic brain injuries

  9. Self-injury works to reduce emotional pain because of a phenomenon called pain offset relief. "This may be because the physical pain relief that follows a self-injury event basically tricks the brain into perceiving relief of emotional pain too!"

  10. Hypothermia is extremely useful in treating brain injuries, and is suspected to be helpful for the heart when applied in a medical environment

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What are the long term effects of traumatic brain injury?

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brain injury fact data chart about Concentration of opioid painkillers in my system after a ser
Concentration of opioid painkillers in my system after a serious brain injury

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Cost of a Pediatric Brain Injury (after Banksy)

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A recent study indicated 87% of former football players exhibit signs of significant brain injury. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy -CVT- has been linked to suicidal behavior, dementia, and erratic mood swings. Players as young as high-school aged were found to be affected.

The NFL sued over three dozen insurance companies in an attempt to cover the claims that players made against the league for failing to protect players from brain injury - source

Due to the way other parts of the brain processes the info sent to it from our eyes, people who are blind from an injury to the visual cortex are still able to sense emotion in faces or sense obstacles in their way and avoid them despite their visual cortex not recognizing the signals sent. - source

If you hold your nose while sneezing you increase you chances of rupturing your ear drum, breaking a blood vessel in your eye, weaken a blood vessel in your brain, and / or cause injury to your diaphragm

In low, pharmaceutical-grade doses, methamphetamine may actually repair and protect the brain in certain circumstances. Some preliminary research suggests that meth can be neuroprotective against stroke and traumatic brain injury, even stimulating the growth of brain cells. - source

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Sometimes a concussion can lead to very serious medical emergencies such as serious brain injury, or even bleeding that can be life threatening. Signs of a serious brain injury include unconsciousness, failure to wake up, convulsions, seizures, slurred speech, an enlarged pupil, decreased coordination, confusion, and worsening headaches.

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Hemineglect, a neurological disorder resulting from brain injury. Sufferers are completely unaware of things on their neglected side. "They may eat from only one side of a plate, write on one side of a page, or shave one side of their face." They have no idea they’re doing things wrong.

A college dropout aquired genius level abilities after recovering from brain injuries due to a brutal mugging

Males have thick bony plate on top of the head and air pockets inside the head. These morpho-anatomical structures prevent injuries of the head and brain during the fights.

Males will kick and slam each other using their horns. To prevent brain injuries, males have several air "cushions" in the head, which absorb the impact of the kicks.

80% of deceased NFL players tested were found to have traumatic brain injury

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brain injury fact infographic about Signs and Symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury

Signs and Symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury

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Dave Mirra, Pro BMX Rider and Rally Racer with 14 Gold Medals in BMX competitions, committed suicide on February 14, 2016. He was posthumously diagnosed with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy(CTE), a neurodegenerative disease caused by repeated brain injuries.

Once two men savagely attacked a furniture salesman outside a bar giving him a brain injury, but also turned him into a mathematical genius who sees the world through the lens of geometry.

There is a rare condition in which a person will suddenly speak in their native language with a foreign accent, usually occurring after a brain injury.

'Foreign Accent Syndrome' is a rare condition in which a particularly traumatic brain injury may cause the injured person to speak a different language or accent, sometimes taking days to remember their native tongue

Males use glands between their eyes to mark their territories and females during the courtship. They aggressively defend their territories and use horns to defeat other, competing males. Bony base of horns prevents serious injuries of head and brain during the fight.

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The brain injury rate is 7 times higher in prisoners than the general population

Veterans with PTSD and brain injuries have been helped by hyperbaric oxygen therapy

A study conducted by researchers at Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, and the University of Iowa found that "people with certain kinds of brain injuries earned more money investing than a comparison group".

Foreign Accent Syndrome, a speech disorder that causes the person to start speaking with a foreign accent from a country they've never even visited after suffering a traumatic brain injury.

Kayla Hutchinson, a college student who lost her entire memory after a basketball injury. Doctor’s studied her and found that she had a concussion, but no signs of bleeding or swelling in her brain. Her friends helped her slowly readjust to college.

Furniture salesman from Tacoma, Washington became a mathematical genius after being hit in the head several times by two men.Before the accident, the man failed woefully in Math. His new abilities may be dormant in every human brain and they got released after an injury

Traumatic brain injury from sports/recreation among children has risen by 60% between 2001 and 2011.

A man named Alonzo Clemons, suffered a brain injury as a child that left him developmentally disabled. Alonzo is able to create incredibly accurate clay sculptures of animals after only seeing them for seconds.

A Miami Woman was slashed across the face, suffered a brain injury, and was beaten into a coma by a roommate she found on just one week before

A research scientist recently made a press release claiming he had discovered chocolate milk helps protect against (and heal) brain injuries, only for it later to be revealed that he had received an undisclosed $200,000 from a chocolate milk company to do so.

A New Technology, Tissue Nanotransfection (TNT), Can Program Skin And Other Tissue Cells, For Example, Brain Cells, Transforming Them Into Other Cell Types Needed To Treat An Injury Or A Disease.

The director of Ace Ventura, Tom Shadyac sustained a brain injury from a bicycle accident causing serious depression. His recovery inspired him to film the documentary, "I Am", about human connectedness, and abandon his materialistic lifestyle.

Approximately 1.5 million Americans suffer from a brain injury each year

Simon Byrne, a prize fighter (bare knuckle boxing) who took part in the longest prize fight ever recorded; 99 rounds lasting 3 hours and 6 minutes. Byrne died 3 days later due to the brain injuries he received during the gruelling match.

J.R. Salzman, world champion logroller. He won nine world titles in logrolling, one of those occurring after losing an arm and suffering a traumatic brain injury in an explosion while deployed in Iraq.

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