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Alien hand syndrome is a rare neurological disorder in which one hand functions involuntarily, with the victim completely unaware of its actions.

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Regularly drinking excessive amounts of Mountain Dew (2-8L/day) can cause a rare neurological disorder with symptoms of memory loss, fatigue, headache & involuntary movements. The disorder is due to bromine accumulating from the brominated vegetable oils used in some citrus-flavored drinks.

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  1. In 2007, Quality Pork Processing, a Hormel supplier, had an outbreak of a rare neurological disorder to workers in and around the brain machine. None have fully recovered.

  2. There's a neurological disorder called "Alice in Wonderland" syndrome. This affects patients' perception in a way that they may suddenly feel that they have become giants or the room around them has shrunk. It most commonly affects children.

  3. A rare neurological disorder called Witzelsucht that is characterized by a tendency to make puns, or tell inappropriate jokes or pointless stories in socially inappropriate situations.

  4. Alien hand syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes hand movement without the person being aware of what is happening. The afflicted person may reach for objects and manipulate them without wanting to do so, even to the point of having to use the healthy hand to restrain the alien hand.

  5. In 2008, Daniel Radcliffe revealed that he has a mild form of the neurological disorder developmental coordination disorder. The motor skill disorder sometimes prevents him from doing simple activities, such as writing or tying his own shoelaces.

  6. Hemineglect, a neurological disorder resulting from brain injury. Sufferers are completely unaware of things on their neglected side. "They may eat from only one side of a plate, write on one side of a page, or shave one side of their face." They have no idea they’re doing things wrong.

  7. Gooseberries contain compounds that can prevent development of certain types of cancer, neurological disorders and inflammation.

  8. Asperger syndrome is a disorder that affects the brain - referred to as a neurological disorder.

  9. Getting annoyed at someone when we listen to them eating or breathing is called Misophonia, and it's an actual neurological disorder.

  10. There's a neurological disorder possibly caused by repetitive and abnormal hand movements that often affects musicians.

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Why is parkinson's disease a neurological disorder?

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Manganism is a neurological disorder associated with long-term exposure to manganese.

Epilepsy is considered chronic, and those with the disorder often experience other neurological disorders as well.

According to some medical studies, aronia can prevent development of certain types of cancer, infections of the urinary tract and cardiovascular and neurological disorders.

There is a significant association between gluten sensitivity and neurological and psychiatric symptoms including seizures, epilepsy, ADHD, anxiety, depressive disorders and schizophrenia.

About REM sleep behavior disorder, a neurological condition where people can act out their dreams. An individual with the disorder is able to get out of bed and is unaware they are dreaming. - source

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Oliver Sacks, British neurologist and author, decided to chronicle neurological disorders and oddities following an amphetamine-facilitated epiphany. Described as the poet laureate of medicine, he would later be portrayed by Robin Williams in ‘Awakenings’; the two becoming lifelong friends.

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Some people who are overly jealous in relationships may have a disorder known as Othello's syndrome. This disorder appears to be primarily neurological, not psychiatric, in nature.

Kittens of Florida panthers are being infected by a mysterious neurological disorder. This panther is the only remaining puma in the eastern USA, there were only 20 left in the wild in 1990, a conservation program brought their numbers to 120 in 2017, but now we may lose them all.

Toxoplasma gondii is a parasitic bacteria that lives in the brains of 30-50% the human population. It has been associated with altered behavior and linked to neurological disorders, including schizophrenia.

Ideomotor apraxia (IMA), a neurological disorder where people are unable to mentally picture and perform something by command (please pretend to answer a phone) but can instinctively do the same thing when not asked (phone rings, person proceeds to pick up phone instinctively)

Witzelsucht is the name of a neurological disorder that makes people feel the need to say bad jokes.

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There's a neurological disorder where you can think your parents are imposters

Epilepsy can affect people of all ages, and is the 4th most common neurological disorder, or 'seizure disorder".

There is a word for when certain sounds such as people chewing loudly (smacking and slurping) or people clearing their throats make you angry, fearful or disgusted. It's called Misophonia and it is a recognized neurological disorder.

Potatoes produce Solanine, which is a glycoalkaloid poison that can cause gastrointestinal and neurological disorders, and in severe cases, hallucinations, loss of sensation, paralysis, fever, jaundice, dilated pupils, hypothermia, and death.

The Transformer Over-Run was originally going to be named Spastic, they decided against the name due to the fact that "spastic" a very derogatory word for people suffering from neurological disorders. The toys box's also had "Spastic" printed on them which were covered by a sticker.

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There's a neurological disorder called Alien Hand Syndrome that causes hand movement without the person being aware of what is happening or having control over the action

A migraine isn't a type of headache, but is rather a neurological disorder which has severe headaches as one of many possible symptoms

Alien hand syndrome is a rare neurological disorder in which one's body part work on its own free will as if it has it's own mind.

When cats and dogs are pressing their heads against wall or other objects it is possibly a sign of severe neurological disorder such as a brain tumor.

Jenny McCarthy's Son does not have Autism, but a rare neurological disorder

There's a neurological disorder (involving starving the linguistic part of the brain of oxygen) that causes you to develop a foreign accent of sorts.

In 1974 Donald Sherman, a man limited by a neurological, vocal disorder called Moebius Syndrome, used a new-fangled device designed by John Eulenberg to dial up a pizzeria. Dominos hung up but a mom and pop Mr. Mikes took his robotic order and delivered the pizza.

Coprolalia is involuntary swearing that is caused by some neurological disorders

About Locked-in syndrome, a rare neurological disorder in which there is complete paralysis of all voluntary muscles except for the ones that control vertical eye movements and blinking. Patients remain conscious and awake with intact cognition and find themselves “locked in” their bodies.

Psilocybin may help treat neurological disorders like PTSD and Depression

There is neurological disorder called PBA that is the result of head injuries and causes episodes of uncontrollable laughter or crying

1/3 humans, including 60 million americans, are infected with toxoplasmosis with links to a host of neurological disorders

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