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A form of medieval torture, where the victims feet were covered in salt water and then a goat would start licking them. Sometimes the laughter and stress from the intense tickling resulted in a heart attack or a brain hemorrhage.

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After Salazar, the dictator of Portugal, suffered a brain hemorrhage, he was expected to die shortly after and was replaced. When he awoke, rather then tell him, aides continually gave him fake papers to sign and he was made to believe he was still in power for the next two years of his life.

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  1. Mussolini had his first wife and son forced into psychiatric institutions when they refused to distance themselves from him. Ida Dalser's (his ex-wife) death was registered as a "brain hemorrhage" and Benito Albino Mussolini's (his first son) was caused by repeated coma inducing-injections.

  2. Tommy McHugh, who at 51 "attempted to evacuate his bowels quickly due to a knock on the toilet door," suffered a brain hemorrhage, and unlocked a previously hidden talent for creating poetry and art

  3. Giraffes have a natural blood pressure of about 280/180, and have a complex series of mechanisms in their circulatory system to prevent brain hemorrhage as their heads rapidly change elevation, such as when standing up from taking a drink.

  4. A single bullet to the chest can cause fatal brain hemorrhaging. The fluids in your body are pressurized so fast that it causes hydrostatic shock.

  5. Bleeding into the skull or the brain is called intracranial hemorrhage.

  6. Roald Dahl's wife had several brain hemorrhages in the 1960s and he stayed by her side through the long recovery.

  7. Pete Best was not the first member to drop out of the Beatles. Their original bassist (who helped come up with the band’s name), Stuart Sutcliffe, left to pursue a career in art before soon dying of a brain hemorrhage.

  8. In 2006 Theo Lacy prison deputy Kevin Taylor indirectly ordered the brutal killing of inmate he identified incorrectly as a child molester. A few weeks earlier he had ordered the beating of ex-Kiss guitarist Mark St John who died 6 months later of a brain hemorrhage. He was charged for neither.

  9. There is a medical condition that causes a sudden and severe headache similar to a brain hemorrhage or aneurysm at the point of orgasm

  10. The lonomia caterpillar of Brazil has spines with venom that can cause massive hemorrhaging, bleeding of the brain, and kidney shutdown.

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Sharon Stone had a brain hemorrhage in her 20s. The perception of being "damaged goods" or an attractive female in Hollywood are just a few of the hurdles she faced in her acting career. Now she is trying to make a comeback in her 60s, and her will to succeed makes me smile.

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