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Some historians are arguing that Julius Caesar wasn't epileptic, instead he suffered from a series of mini-strokes.

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Frankie Muniz, the star of the show, "Malcolm In The Middle", doesn't remember being on the show. After 9 concussions and some mini-strokes, his long term memory is majorly damaged, and he has lost memories of his childhood as well. His fiance keeps a journal for him to remember things each day.

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  1. Frankie Muniz doesn't remember starring on 'Malcolm in the Middle' due to 9 concussions and 'mini-strokes'

  2. Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz had a mini stroke in 2012, causing him to lose memories of his childhood acting days.

  3. Frankie Muniz has severe memory loss and doesn't remember being in "Malcolm In the Middle." He's had several concussions and mini-strokes but doesn't know if that's what caused his loss of memory.

  4. Frankie Muniz has little to no memory of Malcolm in the Middle at all due to a series of concussions and mini-strokes he has suffered.

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