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Larry Fine of the Three Stooges burned his arm with acid as a child. His parents gave him violin lessons to strengthen the damaged nerves. He became so proficient on the violin that his parents planned to send him to a European music conservatory but the plan was thwarted by World War I.

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People in the final stages of hypothermia engage in "paradoxical undressing" because, as they lose rationality and their nerves are damaged, they feel incredibly, irrationally hot. They strip off their clothes to cool themselves down as they are freezing to death.

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  1. Some people have "blindsight." They are blind due to damage in the brain's visual cortex, but the eye and optic nerve are fine. They can't consciously see anything but can guess their way through an obstacle course or guess the emotional content of a photo through intuition with decent accuracy.

  2. Human fingers/toes getting wrinkly when in the bath/swimming is a actually NOT caused by water soaking into the skin. This effect does not happen if there is nerve damage in the finger, which means it is actually an involuntary autonomic nervous system response causing wrinkly fingers.

  3. People in the final stages of hypothermia engage in "paradoxical undressing" because, as they lose rationality and their nerves are damaged, they feel incredibly, irrationally hot. They strip off their clothes to cool themselves down as they are freezing to death and then start burrowing.

  4. A finger with nerve damage won't wrinkle under water.

  5. In patients with nerve damage, their skin doesn’t get wrinkly when submerged in water

  6. The US is currently developing a weapon that shoots an invisible laser beam, causing a small plasma explosion upon contact which stuns the victim, as well as causing radiation that results in immense pain due to nerve cell damage. It can be used at ranges up to 2 km.

  7. Some people experience nerve pain long after shingles has healed. This is called postherpetic neuralgia. The damaged nerve fibers continue to send pain messages to the brain.

  8. Shakey's Pizza got its name from co-founder Sherwood Johnson's nickname, "shakey." Johnson got his nickname as a result of suffering nerve damage from obtaining malaria during WW2.

  9. In 2015, an unusual number of armadillo encounters lead to a spike in the spread of leprosy, an ancient disease that causes severe skin and nerve damage

  10. A lack of folic acid (also called a deficiency) can cause many different things to happen (called symptoms). These can include diarrhea, weakness, shortness of breath, nerve damage, mental confusion, forgetfulness, depression, sore or swollen tongue, headaches, funny heartbeats (called palpitations), irritability, and small sores in the mouth and stomach (called ulcers).

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Dave Mustaine from the metal band Megadeth fell asleep with his arm hung over the back of the chair. It caused severe nerve damage. He had to do a lot of therapy for nearly two years to regain his former ability.

In Illinois in 2008, a woman had to have her dachshund, called Roscoe, put down after the dog gnawed off her big toe while she slept. Mrs Floyd, 56, woke up too late because nerve damage from diabetes had left her with no feeling in her toes - source

When Michelle was released from the MetroHealth Medical Center on May 10th she had several health issues including loss of vision, deafness in one ear, stomach infection, and facial and nerve damage.

Nike's Bill Bowerman was experimenting with shoe design in a small, unventilated space, using glue and solvents with toxic components that caused him severe nerve damage. He was left unable to run in the shoes that he had given the world.

Isabella Ortiz, a little girl who suffered brain and nerve damage after her mother was given a medication she had a known allergy by military doctors. Military courts are denying responsibility citing the Feres Doctrine. - source

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The wrinkling of the skin on your fingers after longer contact with water is a reaction by the body's autonomic nervous system. It's not the water making it swell up. The effect does not occur when there is nerve damage in the fingers.

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Crossing your legs while sitting can cause long term nerve damage

Some experts believe the increasing trend of sciatic nerve damage and lower back pain in men is caused by wallets in the back pocket promoting muscle strain and bad postures while sitting.

Megadeth's Dave Mustaine fell asleep on his arm one night in 2002 and suffered severe nerve damage, rendering him unable to lift, let alone play, a guitar for over a year.

Naguib Mahfouz, the only Arab to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, was an outspoken supporter for Egypt's peace treaty with Israel, and received death threats. He was stabbed in the neck at 82 resulting in permanent nerve damage to his right arm and his ability to write.

Blue Whales (and other rorqual whales) can engulf an amount of water larger than the volume of their own body. This is because the nerves of their mouth and tongue stretch to double their length and recoil like a bungee cord, without damaging the nerve fibers.

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The same virus that causes cold sores (HSV-1) can travel to the brain through the olfactory nerve, quickly leading to severe neurological damage or death if untreated.

Shakey’s Pizza was founded by Sherwood "Shakey" Johnson and Ed Plummer. Johnson's nickname resulted from nerve damage following a bout of malaria suffered during World War II.

During rehearsals for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics opening ceremony, Liu Yan, one of China's top dancers, fell off from a malfunctioning platform. Her accident resulted in nerve and spinal damage, paralyzing her lower body.

The pope's famous hand sign is actually the result of St Peter having nerve damage that meant he couldn't open his hand. "Peter, the first pope, had an ulnar nerve injury and everyone copied him. Imitation is a great form of flattery"

Brooksville, Florida is named after Preston Brooks, A slavery advocating representative who in 1856 attacked an abolitionist senator on the senate chamber with his gold tipped CAIN even after he was unconscious, until the cain broke, causing him severe brain and nerve damage.

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About Linda Floyd, a woman with nerve damage due to severe diabetes. She had to have her 1 year old minature dachshund Roscoe put down because he gnaw her big toe off while she was sleeping.

Lifting too much weight can make you split blood out of your nose and mouth, and even it can damage your brain nerves.

It took over an hour of CPR, various operations and the blood of 134 people to resuscitate and help a man survive, who had committed suicide and had been dead and frozen for several hours. Despite nerve and body damage, he healed and was released from hospital within 2 months of the ordeal.

Eye exposure to certain invisible lasers can go undetected because the retina lacks pain sensory nerves. Retinal damage may be associated with an audible "pop".

In the classic Kubrick film, Peter Sellers’ eccentric character Dr. Strangelove suffered from agonistic apraxia, or "alien hand syndrome". It's caused by damaging the corpus callosum—the nerve fibers that connect the brain's two hemispheres. It’s now often known as Dr. Strangelove Syndrome.

Leprosy doesn't cause limps to fall off. Leprosy causes nerve damage that then allows secondary infections in which causes tissue loss.

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