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George Lamson, Jr., the sole survivor of a 1985 plane crash, reaches out to all the other sole survivors of major airline crashes- of which there are only a dozen or so worldwide- to create a support group that addresses their unique experiences and trauma.

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In 1971, LANSA Flight 508 crashed over the Amazon Jungle, killing all crew and 85 of 86 passengers. The sole survivor was a 17 y.o. girl, who fell 2 miles down into the rain forest strapped to her seat, survived the fall, and walked the jungle injured for 10 days until she was rescued by locals

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  1. A sailor was the sole survivor of a shipwreck by hiding in an air bubble for over 60 hours until a body recovery dive team rescued him

  2. A 17 yr old girl was the sole survivor of an airplane that was struck by lightning. While still strapped to her seat, she fell 2 miles (3km) from the aircraft and landed down into the Amazon rainforest, where she trekked through the jungle for 10 days until she was rescued by local lumbermen.

  3. The Lone Ranger was so named because the character is the sole survivor of a group of six Texas Rangers.

  4. Bahia Bakari, a 12 year old French girl, was the sole survivor of an Airbus A310 crash near Comoros that killed 152 people. She could barely swim and had no life vest, but clung to a piece of aircraft wreckage for over 9 hours before being rescued.

  5. The loneliest man in the world is the sole survivor of his tribe and lives completely alone in the Amazon forest.

  6. Vesna Vulović, a former flight attendant, holds the world record for surviving the longest free fall without a parachute (10.1 kilometers). Following the plane crash (of which she was the sole survivor), she was willing to resume working flights, however the airline gave her a desk job.

  7. Juliane Koepcke, just 17 she was the sole survivor of a plane crash that left 91 dead. Despite falling 3km strapped to her seat, she survived with just a broken collarbone. She then endured the perils of the Amazon rainforest for 10 days before being discovered.

  8. On December 13, 1977, the entire University of Evansville basketball team was killed in a plane crash, except 1 member who did not make the flight. 2 weeks later, that member was killed by a drunk driver, leaving no sole survivor of the 1977 basketball team

  9. Kantora Shimoda, the only one of the 2,004 passengers and crew on Japanese WWII ship Awa Maru that survived when it got torpedoed, and it was the third time in which he was the sole survivor of a torpedoed ship.

  10. A four year old girl was the sole survivor of a major airline crash that killed 148 others on board due to pilot error. She was found strapped into her seat several feet from the bodies of her parents and brother.

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The 5 Sullivan brothers, who were killed in WW2, and part of the reason the Sole Survivor Policy was instituted by the US War Dept, were only 1 set of brothers on their ship. There were at least 30 sets of brothers on the ship, including 4 Rogers brothers from Connecticut.

All five sons from one family served aboard the USS Juneau in WWII. At Guadalcanal, all five Sullivan brothers perished when the Juneau was struck by two Japanese torpedoes. Their deaths led to the US military adopting the Sole Survivor Policy. - source

A woman who was sucked out of an airplane after the airliner broke up in midair; she was the sole survivor after falling about 3 km (~10,000 feet) still strapped to her seat. - source

The sole survivor of a 1960 Midair plane crash over NYC that killed 134 died the next day in the hospital from pneumonia. - source

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Cecelia Cichan was the sole survivor in a plane crash that killed 154 others (the largest aviation incident with a sole survivor). Her grandmother was able to identify her several days later only because of her purple nail polish.

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A 7-year-old girl was the sole survivor of a plane crash. She then walked nearly a mile through a forest at night with no shoes for help.

In 2011, the entire KHL team, Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, were killed in an airplane crash that was resulted from pilot error. The sole survivor was a flight engineer. Lokomotiv Yaroslavl was one of Russia's top ice hockey teams.

In 2010 a plane in the Congo (DRC) crashed, killing 20 people on board. According to the sole survivor, a crocodile snuck on board by a passenger escaped its duffel bag. The panicked passengers moved to the front of the plane away from the animal, destabilizing the plane, leading to the crash.

The sole survivor of JAT Flight 367 Vesna Vulović became the world record holder of the highest freefall without a parachute, when the plane exploded at 33,300 feet.

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About unsinkable Hugh Williams - a sole survivor of a sunken ship that went down in the Menai Strait in 1664, 1785, 1820 and 1940 (when two of them made out alive).

In 2013 the sole survivor of a shipwreck survived in an air-bubble for 60 hours at the bottom of the sea 20 miles off the coast of Nigeria.

Vesna Vulović who holds the Guinness world record for surviving the highest fall without a parachute: 10,160 metres (33,333 ft), after the explosion of JAT Flight 367 near Srbská Kamenice, Czechoslovakia, on 26 January 1972. She was the sole survivor of the accident.

Rufina Amaya was the sole survivor of the El Mozote Massacre. She hid in a tree and watched as the Salvadoran army who were trained by the U.S army killed everyone including her husband and her four children.

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Bahia Bakari, 13 years old, survivor of the deadliest sole-survivor ocean crash floated in heavy seas for over nine hours, much of it in pitch darkness, before being rescued.

The first man to hijack a commercial plane was the sole survivor of the crash but was released without trial

Representative William Petit of the Connecticut House of Representatives is the Sole Survivor of a Brutal Home Invasion in Which He Lost His Wife and Two Daughters

36 male Japanese holdouts in Anatahan fought for the mating rights to the sole female on the island, resulting in 12 dead. She and the survivors ultimately surrendered and returned to Japan in 1952.

In 1914, a landslide wiped out a sulphur mining plant on White Island in New Zealand, with the sole survivor being a tabby cat called Peter The Great

That, among other things, the luckiest unlucky man in documented history was the sole survivor of a plane crash after being sucked out of a malfunctioning door and landing in a haystack.

Jack Cornwell, a 16 year old british soldier in WW1 who posthumously received a posthumous Victoria Cross for firing, as the sole survivor, a large gun for around 15 minutes after he was mortally wounded

Douglas Mawson, leader of the ambitious Australasian Antarctic Expedition, was the sole survivor after a 10-month fight for survival. His team struck disaster when a sledge full of nearly all of their supplies, six of their best dogs, and a member of their team plunged into a deep crevasse.

The former president of Togo faked news headlines to make him look the sole survivor of a 1974 plane crash, seeing this as an opportunity to make a cult of personality, during his 38 YEARS of rule, there were even superhero comics with him as the protagonist with invulnerability and strength.

Ben Cauley was the sole survivor of the plane crash that claimed Otis Redding because he unbuckled his seat belt before the crash.

French Chef Alain Ducasse was the sole survivor of a plane crash and in the French Alps. He recovered and went on to become on of the youngest chefs to be awarded 3 Michelin stars

A German U-boat most likely torpedoed itself in 1945 and the sole survivor of its crew, who missed the voyage due to illness, found out about the fate of his shipmates in 1999 by watching a NOVA episode about the submarine's mysterious disappearance

During WW2 a Japanese captain's personal steward became the sole survivor of THREE torpedoed ships. During his third sole survival, all 80 first-class passengers had themselves been survivors of previous ship sinkings.

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