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A Brazilian electronics company is legally allowed to call their phone 'iPhone' because they trademarked the word in 2000, 7 years prior to Apple's iPhone. The phone runs on Android.

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Microsoft was making $5-15 on every Android phone sold because of patents, peaking at $2bil in 2013

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  1. Google Maps calculates their traffic by having all iPhones that have Google Maps open and Android phones that have location services turned on send anonymous bits of data back to Google

  2. Siri was supposed to be for Android and BlackBerry phones before Siri, Inc. was bought by Apple back in April of 2010

  3. In 2009, Disney-owned Lucasfilm successfully sued Verizon Wireless over their line of Android phones named “DROID” as "droid" is a registered trademark of LucasFilm. Since the Steve Jobs Trust is one of Disney's largest shareholders, Jobs' estate makes money when a DROID is sold.

  4. The first Android phone ever released did not have a 3.5mm headphone jack. That was back in 2008.

  5. The Brazilian electronics company, "Gradiente" is legally allowed to sell their ‘iPhone’ because they trademarked it back in 2000. The phone uses an Android operating system.

  6. Microsoft makes much more money from Android than Windows Phone, which is at least $2 billion per year, as it claims to hold software patents that Android infringes on. Android device manufacturers pay $5 to $15 for each device sold.

  7. The speed of Android phones moving on the road is what Google uses to calculate the traffic on Google Maps.

  8. If you fully drained and recharged your iPhone or Android cell phone every day, you would only use 2kWh of electricity a year (~24¢ per year)

  9. Researchers in Germany have developed a way to extract Android encryption keys literally by freezing the phone, providing full access

  10. It has been determined that users of iPhones are more loyal in their phone purchases than Android users.

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android phone fact data chart about I drive everywhere and for the last few years have had an an
I drive everywhere and for the last few years have had an android phone. Here are my travels.

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Microsoft makes more money from Samsung over Android patents than from Skype, Windows Phone, and Xbox combined

The very first Android phone from 2008 had no headphone jack and required an adapter (which wasn't included) - source

If you have an Android phone, it already knows the gravitational constant of the Death Star. - source

Double tapping on the app switcher button on newer Android phones lets you switch between your last used app and your current one.

In 2011 Apple Inc. was the first to location track it's smartphone using customers, by uploading a secret file to the host computer. No such tracking existed on Android phones. - source

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According to German researchers, Android apps using Silverpush software, downloaded by millions, are always on the look out for clandestine ultrasonic broadcasts which order them to begin snooping on phone users. Some retailers in Europe were found to be broadcasting such signals.

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Rooting an Android phone will unlock Extra features of Phone. So, you should learn how to Root an android phone.

Rounded corners and hiding the nav bar looks sick on any AMOLED Android phone

An Android phone is 15 seconds faster than a an iPhone.

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How to install 20+ WhatsApp accounts in one Android phone No Root Required

If you are on an Android device and you're watching a 360° video, you can tilt your phone to move the video around.

There's a secret Android phone Game! Go to Settings > General > About Device, then tap Android Version (or Software Version) a few times and a lollipop shows up. Hold that down and there's your Android version of Flappy Bird

Secret code for samsung android phones to test before purchasing watch this video to end.

There is a new way to get paid simply using your smartphone.What you need is an android phone or Iphone.

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How to turn my Android phone into a Laptop.

Just got the list of best android apps you must have on your phone specially for who just buy their phones

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You can plug a mouse into an Android phone and use it like you would on a computer.

There are such things as fake phones that are very similar to top brand named phones, such as Samsung. They are built almost identical and are working phones, with working Android OS.

Twitter "patented" pull-to-refresh gesture on android and iOS phones in 2013.

The second Android phone from 2009 also had no headphone jack.

The facebook android app can record sound & video from your phone, at any time, without your consent

The htc HD 2 was launched in 2010 running windows mobile 6.5. Since then, developers have modified it to run windows phone 7, windows 8, firefox OS, Ubuntu and several versions of android including the latest one.

Android was originally developed for phones with physical keyboards. Touchscreen support was only added to the feature list after Apple had released the iPhone, and the original version's documentation had a disclaimer that "a touchscreen cannot completely replace physical buttons".

There are two secret games on Android phones

Android phones can be hacked using quantum mechanics

Google map uses location of the android phones to track the traffic.

Saying "Lumos" to Google speech on an Android phone turns the flashlight on. Saying "Nox" turns it off.

There is an Android app called Adult Player offers pornographic content to its users, but takes pictures of the user with the front camera while the app is open. Then locks your phone, and demands you pay a ransom of $500 (£330) or it will send the pictures to your contacts in your phone.

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