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In 1994, IBM released a cell phone with touch screen and e-mail. It could also send and receive faxes, work as a pager, and was considered the world's first smart phone due to its features and capabilities.


Nikola Tesla predicted smart phones with incredible accuracy almost 100 years ago

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  1. Mantis Shrimp can see cancer and scientists are developing a camera that can be attached to smart phone to see cancer as well.

  2. Since the introduction of the smart phone depression rates among teens has increased more than 60% and suicide rates have increased 56%.

  3. Non-Smart Phones are still highly popular in Japan. In fact, they are called gara-kei or "Galapagos phones" because they wouldn't survive outside of Japan.

  4. George Samuel Hurst invented the first resistive touchscreen who received US patent 3,911,215 on October 7, 1975. and produced the first version in 1982. 10 years before the first smart phone came out.

  5. All of the critical smartphone technology- including the battery, the touchscreen and the multi-core processor- are a direct result of government research funding. Without this funding smart phones would've been far more expensive, and taken much longer to develop.

  6. About the LG Prada, a capacitive touch screen smart phone released in December of 2006, months before the original iPhone was released. Some, including the head of LG's mobile R&D department speculate that Apple stole LG's design

  7. That, France banned smart phones in School till 9th grade.

  8. US drivers use their smart phones during 88 out of every 100 trips.

  9. Samsung tests their smart phones' durability using a butt robot.

  10. The average smart phone is millions of times more powerful than all of NASA’s combined computing in 1969, which was used to land on the moon.

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Trick or Treater - be sure to change your language from German to English. Slow, but great detail in animation shots, skimming the lot for halloween flicks that ate kid friendly -

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Price distribution of Smart Phones (November 2019)


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Florida accidentally banned all computers and smart phones from internet cafes

A British company, Vertu, sells handmade smart phones ... for $7000. It comes with concierge service. - source

The first Smart phone (the iPhone) had a major complication before its initial release; it's keyboard was the hardest thing to make across the entire iPhoneOS, and was the first and last thing the entire company worked on when making the iPhone - source

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The president is now allowed to have a smart phone due to security reasons.

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A Taiwanese pensioner attaches eleven smart phones to a bicycle and rides around all day playing 11 simultaneous games of Pokemon Go.

16-year-olds today are more likely to own a smart phone than live with their fathers in the United Kingdom

There's a Smart Fabric Technology which Creates Electricity For Wearable Devices. So Clothes of the Future Will be able to Charge our Phone and other gadgets

PEEK, new ophthalmic-medical hardware and software applicable to smart-phones, enables 25,000 3rd-world children to be examined in just 5 weeks, by only 21 teachers.

There is an application that allows you to be the eyes of a blind person through your smart phone - BE MY EYES

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There is a new smart phone that has a built in thermal sensor

There is a new smart phone with a built in thermal sensor

Your smart phone has a fm radio built into it and your carrier won't let you use it.

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