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There are 'porn sniffing dogs' that are trained to find hidden thumb drives, hard drives and SD cards for child pornography cases. One such dog was used to help bring down Jared Fogle.

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There is an organization dedicated to smuggling documentaries, American TV shows, and South Korean pop culture into North Korea through USB drives and SD cards

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  1. 9 years ago they had a cassette adapter for SD cards so you could play mp3s in a cassette player

  2. The logo for the SD Card format was actually re-used from another media standard, the "Super Density" disc: Toshiba's abandoned prototype for what later became the DVD.

  3. In 2009, to highlight how slow the internet in South Africa was, Winston the pigeon was flown with an SD card with 4GB of data on it. He reached his destination, nearly 100kms away in an hour while the data took another hour to download via broadband.

  4. A company actually went through the effort to make a contemporary SD card adapter for the classic late 1990s Game Boy Camera

  5. SD cards (including MicroSD) aren't just 64GB+ stores of data smaller than a thumbnail, they're *entire computers*

  6. The D in the logo for SD (Secure Digital) is a disc because the logo was created for a alternative product to the DVD being developed by Toshiba titled Super Density disc that never came to be and was then reused when the SD flash card format was being developed.

  7. After Marquette National Bank v. First of Omaha Corp. 1978--one of the most important rulings if the entire 20th century-- Bill Janklow, the governor of South Dakota, let Citibank write South Dakota's credit card regulations and usury laws if Citibank agreed to relocate to SD.

  8. SD Association (that introduced memory cards) is a non-profit organization formed by Panasonic, SanDisk and Toshiba and now define the next generation of memory cards.

  9. People steal SD cards from recyclable electronic bins and look through your "discarded" phone

  10. There is a specific formatting utility for SD cards, as OS formatting tools may break them

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We can actually get the files (movies , photos or other) back , which dissappears in our phone (or SD card or USB flashdrive or similar device) - source

Dogs can be trained smell SD cards and thumbdrives and were used in the Jared Fogle case - source

We shouldn't be formatting SD Card often before its full to last longer

4 Ways to Format a USB flash drive, Hard disk or SD card - source

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The SD card size game cartridge for the Nintendo Switch is coated with a foul tasting plastic to prevent kids from putting it in their mouth

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Investigators in CT Have Trained Dogs to Sniff Out Electronics Like USB Drives and SD Cards - Helping Them to Gather Evidence Easily Missed By Human Searches

SD card logo is actually a logo meant for an optical disk (DVD)

The Power pins of an SD Card are longer to give the card time to write the FAT table from RAM to FLASH when it is beeing unpluged

Law enforcement has trained dogs to sniff out bits of electronic equipment that may be hard to find otherwise. Even things like micro sd cards!

How To Increase RAM of Android Phone/Device Using SD Card

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