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Scientists who dropped off closed boxes in a remote Ethiopian village containing tablets, taped shut, with no instructions. Within 5 months, the children had not only learned to use 47 apps, but also managed to hack the Android OS.

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In 2012 a charity dropped off boxes in a remote African village containing Xoom tablets with no instructions. Within 4 minutes a child turned one on. Within 5 days, kids were using 47 apps per child, per day. Within 2 weeks they were singing ABC songs. Within 5 months they had hacked Android.

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  1. Siri was released as a standalone app on iOS by an independent developer. They planned to release it to Android and Blackberry too, but when Apple bought it they cancelled these plans.

  2. Android has an app store called Google Play that has recorded more than 48 billion installations of apps.

  3. 5% of Android users in the United States downloaded the Pokémon Go app within two days of it being released.

  4. There are 389,112 possible combinations on the Android "9 dots" unlock screen, but by photographing finger oil smudges, researchers were able to get the full password 68% of the time and a partial password 92% of the time. The smudges persist even with app usage and clothing contact.

  5. Double tapping on the app switcher button on newer Android phones lets you switch between your last used app and your current one.

  6. Closing unused apps on your iPhone or Android doesn’t save battery life, infact, it uses it.

  7. According to German researchers, Android apps using Silverpush software, downloaded by millions, are always on the look out for clandestine ultrasonic broadcasts which order them to begin snooping on phone users. Some retailers in Europe were found to be broadcasting such signals.

  8. Apple did not invent Siri. It was developed as a standalone app by a separate company that intended to also release it for Android and Blackberry. Apple bought Siri two months after the app was launched, and included it on the iPhone 4S.

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  10. How to Use All Android Apps in Your PC/LAPTOP Such As Facebook,Whatsapp and so much more.

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app android fact data chart about How To Download Chinese Deepfake App ZAO face-swapping app F
How To Download Chinese Deepfake App ZAO face-swapping app For Android,

app android fact data chart about My top-5 used Android apps for each hour of the last 2.5 mon
My top-5 used Android apps for each hour of the last 2.5 months

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'Sea Hero Quest', a free game app for Android and iPhone, that helps scientists fight the illness dementia, which so far is incurable and affects over 45 million people worldwide

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We can install and emulate android on a windows PC very easily using virtual-box with working internet to try apps. - source

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The Android app for Facebook can record audio & video at any time without any indication.

The facebook android app can record sound & video from your phone, at any time, without your consent

There is an Android app called Adult Player offers pornographic content to its users, but takes pictures of the user with the front camera while the app is open. Then locks your phone, and demands you pay a ransom of $500 (£330) or it will send the pictures to your contacts in your phone.

The most expensive Android app once cost a staggering $426.711,76.

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app android fact infographic about I made a free open source android app called Track & Graph t

I made a free open source android app called Track & Graph to help visualise personal data over time. Here is a demo of my alcohol consumption, exercise and work moving averages.

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There's currently a massive study undergoing in Germany to assess the mobile phone usage behaviour of thousands of users, through an Android App

Facebook app for Android have permissions to spy, create and delete other app's accounts and much more.

Apple bought HopStop, almost immediately removed the Android App from the play store, and recently shut it down so it could be reused for Apple Maps.

There's an app just like /r LifeProTips for Android

We can Hide Photos on android phone gallery without app

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You can order girl scout cookies online and they even have iOS and android apps.

There's an app which clicks a photo of the person who tries to intrude Android phone by mistyping passwords

When you Tweet photos using the Twitter app for iOS or Android, or on, you have the option to compose a description of the images so the content is accessible to people who are visually impaired.

The highest grossing app for both Android and iOS from 2012 through 2017 has always been a free game with microtransactions

A Chinese app called WeChat that allows for a more seemless transition between iPhone and Android

Facebook made its Android app crash on purpose to test user loyalty

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