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Alan Tudyk has had a role in every Disney animated film since "Wreck-It Ralph, including the Duke of Weselton in "Frozen", and a character named Duke Weaselton in "Zootopia"

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Nintendo encouraged Wreck it Ralph producers to use Mario in the film but the producers thought Mario's fame would take away from Ralph and the story.

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  1. The voices for Duke Weselton (Frozen), Duke Weaselton (Zootopia), King Candy (Wreck it Ralph), and a role in Rogue Squadron all come from one guy, our favorite leaf on the wind, Alan Tudyk.

  2. About “Bring me the head of Charlie Brown.” A cartoon made by Jim Reardon (who would go on to make Wall-E, Wreck it Ralph, and be a major writer/director on The Simpsons) This cartoon depicts the great pumpkin putting a bounty on Charlie Brown, and all of the peanuts gang trying to kill him.

  3. Mario was supposed to appear in Wreck it Ralph, but the writers chose not to include him because they feared it would cause interference with the plot involding Ralph and his friends

  4. Mario and Luigi were supposed to appear in "Wreck-It-Ralph", but the writers wrote them out in fear that such cameo would be too distracting to the plot involving Ralph and his friends

  5. Wreck-it Ralph will be the first Disney Animation Studios sequel released theatrically. All other animated Disney sequels have been produced by other studios, and released directly-to-video.

  6. Clyde The Zombie from Wreck It Ralph is the hatchet-wielding zombie from the first House of the Dead game

  7. Walter Day, sometimes seen as the Arcade Owner in Wreck It Ralph, started the Twin Galaxies, an online video game score record website

  8. RIP Wreck it Ralph sings Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up after the end credits of Ralph Breaks the Internet

  9. Wreck-it Ralph's Japanese title is SUGAR RUSH, and the song was done by AKB48...?!

  10. The 2010 abomination “Who Killed Captain Alex” which has a measly budget of only $200. The film somehow has a higher rating on IMDB that Wreck-It-Ralph 2 : a movie with IMDB in it.

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What did merida say in wreck it ralph?

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The band who wrote Pac-Man Fever also wrote Wreck it, Wreck-it Ralph...

When John C Reilly isn't voicing Wreck-It Ralph, Disney hires a really bad impersonator - source

Paperman (The short animation prefacing Wreck it Ralph) is actually a combination of 2D hand drawn animation with 3D CG. - source

John C Reilly doesn’t voice Wreck It Ralph outside of the movies and it’s painfully obvious when it’s not his voice

The Wreck it Ralph voice actors have facial and personality characteristics that resemble their animated characters. - source

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Mario and Luigi were originally going to appear in Wreck it Ralph, but the writers did not do so because they feared it could interfere with the main plot involving Ralph and the story

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Mario was originally going to appear in Wreck it Ralph, but producers left him out fearing such a cameo would overshadow the main plot involving Ralph and his story

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