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Rod Stirling wrote the screenplay for Planet Of The Apes. The twist ending came from a woman he met at a party who pitched him the "it was earth all along" plot as a Twilight Zone episode. He paid her $500 for the idea.

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David Hayter(the voice of Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid), wrote the screenplay for Watchmen.

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  1. The author of The Princess Bride also wrote the screenplays for Misery, A Few Good Men, Twins, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and All The President's Men.

  2. David Hayter, the original voice of Snake in the Metal Gear Solid series, wrote the screenplay for the first X-Men movie and the film The Watchmen.

  3. Roald Dahl, author of "James and the Giant Peach" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", wrote the screenplay for the James Bond movie, "You Only Live Twice".

  4. Richard Pryor wrote the screenplay for Blazing Saddles however he was rejected for the role of Sheriff Bart

  5. Judd Apatow wrote the screenplay for "Heavy Weights," aka the fat camp movie with Ben Stiller.

  6. The Voice of Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid wrote the screenplays for Watchmen, X-Men, and X2: X-Men United

  7. Roald Dahl wrote the screenplay for the James Bond film 'You Only Live Twice'

  8. Roald Dahl wrote the screenplay for You Only Live Twice

  9. Following the release of Rocky IV, a joke was making rounds in Hollywood. Since Rocky had run out of opponents, he would have to fight an alien if a fifth movie was made. Jim and John Thomas took the joke seriously and wrote a screenplay based on it, which later became the movie "Predator".

  10. Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary wrote a massive screenplay in 1987 called 'The Open Road', which would later get split into two separate screenplays called 'True Romance' and 'Natural Born Killers'.

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The Trip (1967 movie) by Roger Corman is a movie about LSD, the director took doses to make it. Jack Nicholson who wrote the screenplay was taking it at this time along with two actors in the movie were famous for tripping: Dennis Hooper and Peter Fonda.

Roald Dahl wrote the screenplay for the 1967 James Bond film, You Only Live Twice. He was actually friends with Ian Fleming, but disliked the original novel. So with the blessing of film producers, he heavily changed the story to better fit the big screen. - source

Roald Dahl wrote screenplays for two Ian Fleming novels, You Only Live Twice and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - source

M. Night Shyamalan wrote the screenplay for Stuart Little.

David Hayter (best known as the voice of Solid Snake in MGS) wrote the screenplay for the first X-Men film and cowrote the screenplay for Watchmen and X2 - source

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Charlie Kaufman wrote the screenplay for Adaptation with his fictional brother Donald Kaufman. Both were nominated for a Best Screenplay Oscar, even though Donald Kaufman doesn't exist.

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When James Cameron wrote the Terminator screenplay, he was living out of his car and was struggling to get by. In exchange for the directing gig, he sold the script to Gale Anne Hurd for one dollar. The movie went on to bring in around $80 million worldwide, which launched Cameron’s career

2001: A Space Odyssey, the book became a 1968 movie. It went on to become Space Odyssey, the television series. Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick wrote the screenplay for the movie.

Arundhati wrote the screenplay for In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones (1989), and Electric Moon (1992). She won Best Screenplay in 1989, a National Film Award for In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones.

In 1979 the movie adaptation of The World is Full of Married Men was released. Jackie wrote the screenplay for the movie.

Joss Whedon co-wrote the screenplay for Toy Story

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Screenwriter Charlie Kaufman struggled to adapt the book "The Orchid Thief" into a film so instead he wrote a screenplay about himself struggling to adapt the book into a film which became "Adaptation".

Roger Ebert wrote the screenplay to an unproduced Sex Pistols film titled "Who Killed Bambi". The script had a sex scene between Sid Vicious and Marianne Faithful (who played his mother); Vicious loved the script, his only objection being "I don't think my mum will like the part with the heroin"

The first movie to be adapted from one of Jackie's books was The Stud. She co-wrote the screenplay for the movie which was released in 1978. Jackie's sister Joan starred in the movie.

Roald Dahl wrote the screenplay for the James Bond movie, "You only live twice", discarding much of Ian Fleming's original story arc.

In 1970 film critic Roger Ebert wrote the screenplay for ‘Beyond the Valley of the Dolls’. One review described it as “a treat for the emotionally retarded, sexually inadequate and dimwitted. It is a grievously sick melange of hypermammalian girls, obvious double-entendres and sadistic violence”

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Mario wrote the screenplay and won the Oscar for his screenplay for The Godfather in 1973.

Truman Capote wrote several screenplays including Beat the Devil and The Innocents.

Celebrated children's author, Roald Dahl, wrote the screenplay for the 1967 James Bond 007 movie "You Only Live Twice".

Roald Dahl wrote the screenplay for a Bond film

Gabriel was also a film critic and founded the Film Institute in Havana. He wrote several screenplays that were produced.

Haley wrote the screenplay for the 1973 blaxploitation film Superfly T.N.T.

Neil Gaiman wrote the English screenplay adaptation for Studio Ghibli's "Princess Mononoke"

Roald Dahl (author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach and Matilda) wrote the screenplay for the James Bond movie "You Only Live Twice"

M. Night Shyamalan wrote the screenplay for the movie Stuart Little

The Author of the Princess Bride also wrote the screenplay for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Randy Newman, Oscar-winning composer and songwriter, co-wrote the screenplay Three Amigos! with John Landis, Lorne Michaels and Steve Martin

M Night Shyamalan co-wrote the screenplay for Stewart Little

Arthur Miller wrote a large number of stage plays, radio plays, screenplays, fiction and non-fiction books and short stories, and many biographies and critical studies of his own work have been written by others.

Academy Award winner Jack Nicholson wrote a screenplay specifically for The Monkees whilst under the influence of LSD. The resulting movie is now considered the most "authentically psychedelic film made in 1960s Hollywood" by Criterion

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