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Anthony Daniels, who endured years of discomfort in the C-3PO costume, was so annoyed by Alan Tudyk (Rogue One) playing K-2SO in the comfort of a motion-capture suit that he cursed at Tudyk. Tudyk later joked that a "fuck you" from Daniels was among the highest compliments he had ever received.

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Alan Tudyk has had a role in every Disney animated film since "Wreck-It Ralph, including the Duke of Weselton in "Frozen", and a character named Duke Weaselton in "Zootopia"

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  1. Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, and Nathan Fillion all voiced marines in Halo 3. Their characters were given personalities resembling the characters they played in Firefly.

  2. The voices for Duke Weselton (Frozen), Duke Weaselton (Zootopia), King Candy (Wreck it Ralph), and a role in Rogue Squadron all come from one guy, our favorite leaf on the wind, Alan Tudyk.

  3. Actors Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk and Adam Baldwin all voiced Halo 3 characters based on their Firefly roles

  4. Actor Alan Tudyk voices a character named 'Duke Weaselton' in ZOOTOPIA, which is an homage to the "Duke of Weaselton", the character Tudyk voiced in FROZEN

  5. The robot from I, Robot was played by Alan Tudyk

  6. Alan Tudyk took the button to recall the crew from the Firefly set and told Joss Whedon he could use it to call the cast back if the show was ever renewed.

  7. Alan Tudyk, who played 'The Duke of Weselton' in the movie 'Frozen', is playing 'Duke Weaselton' in the upcoming movie 'Zootopia'

  8. Alan Tudyk voiced a character in Frozen named The Duke of Weselton, which name was mispronounced as Weaselton, in Frozen and Duke Weaselton, which was mispronounced as Weselton, in Zootopia.

  9. Heihei, from Moana, was voice acted by Alan Tudyk of the tv series Firefly.

  10. Nathan Fillion voice acted a ODST Gunnery Sergeant Reynolds in Bungies Halo 3, alongside Adam Baldwin and Alan Tudyk. All three characters having personalities matching their Firefly counterparts.

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