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Virginia's state fish is the brook trout and its state dog is the American fox hound.

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A male fox is called a Tod and a female fox is called a Vixen. So the film "Fox and the Hound" literally just named the characters Tod and Vixen the fox equivalent of "Male and Female."

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  1. Two sequels to what are generally considered classic Disney animated films—Mulan II & The Fox and the Hound 2—have a 0% rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes

  2. Disney's The Fox and the Hound was originally going to feature two cranes voiced by Phil Harris and Charo who sang a song titled "Scoobie Doobie Doobie Doo, Let Your Body Turn Goo" as minor supporting characters.

  3. Copper from the animated film The Fox and Hound was voiced by Corey Feldman (young Copper) and Kurt Russel (adult Copper).

  4. Burny Mattinson, the longest serving Walt Disney Company employee. Starting in 1953 and still working in 2018, his story and animation credits include Robin Hood, The Fox and The Hound, Aladdin, Tarzan, The Lion King, Pocahontas and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

  5. The Fox and the Hound (novel) was a lot more morbid than Disney led to believe.

  6. Disney's The Fox and Hound is very, very different from the book it's based on.

  7. Corey Feldman and Kurt Russel voiced the hound in The Fox And The Hound (Disney 1981)

  8. Action star Kurt Russell was the voice of Copper (aka 'The Hound') in The Fox and The Hound. Notorious Hollywood trainwreck Mickey Rooney voiced Tod The Fox.

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