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At the Battle of Shiloh in 1862, many of the soldiers were found to have wounds glowing blue and were healing faster than others. They called it Angel Glow. 140 years later 2 teens discovered the cause, a bioluminescent bacterium called Photorhabadus luminesens which inhibits pathogens

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Angel's Glow, a condition observed in soldiers at the Battle of Shiloh, when their wounds began to glow blue and heal faster. In 2001, a 17yo discovered it was caused by nematode vomit, the beneficial bacterium Photorhabdus luminescens.

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  1. During the Civil War wounded soldiers reported mysterious glowing from their wounds that seemed to encourage healing. This turns out to be a rare bioluminescent bacteria in the dirt of the battlefield.

  2. In the Battle of Shiloh there was a strange phenomenon of soldiers having wounds that glow in the dark, because they the wounds were infected with a type of luminescent bacteria.

  3. During The Battle of Shiloh in the Civil war, many of the soldiers' wounds glowed. Those with these glowing wounds healed faster, and thus the wounds were dubbed the "Angel's Glow".

  4. Photorhabdus luminescens, a bioluminescent bacterium, reportedly infected the wounds of some American Civil War soldiers. This both caused the wounds to glow and helped the soldiers to survive due to antibiotics made by the bacterium. This phenomenon was named "Angel's Glow".

  5. In 2001, two high school students found that Photorhabdus luminescens may have been source for the 'glowing wounds' in casualties of the Battle of Shiloh.

  6. Some Civil War soldiers had wounds that glowed in the dark because of a bioluminescent bacteria that was puked up by nematodes. This bacteria actually killed off other pathogens and made the survival rate of those soldiers higher.

  7. After the Battle of Shiloh in 1862 during the Civil War soldiers reported a peculiar phenomenon: glow-in-the-dark wounds later called "Angel Glow"

  8. After the Battle of Shiloh, the P. luminescens bacteria entered some injuries, resulting in glowing wounds that healed faster.

  9. At the American Civil War Battle of Shiloh many of the soldier's wounds glowed. Since those that did lived they called it the "Angel's Glow." Historians dismissed it. Turns out it was true and it was a caused by a parasite.

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Some Civil War soldier’s wounds glowed in the dark because of bioluminescent bacteria that was puked up by nematodes. These bacteria killed other pathogens and made the survival rate of soldiers higher. - source

During the Civil War, soldiers reported glow-in-the-dark wounds - a phenomenon caused by hyppoterhmia, where their lowered body temperatures made ideal conditions for a bioluminescent bacterium called Photorhabdus luminescens, which inhibits pathogens. - source

During the American Civil War some soldier's wounds glowed. Those soldiers had a higher chance of suvirval. The phenomenon was nicknamed "Angel's Glow" and later attributed to a bacteria called "P. Luminescens".

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Wounded Civil War soldiers were saved by a glowing bacteria, then called the "Angel Glow".

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