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John Clem, a Union drummer boy during the American Civil War who shot a Confederate colonel who demanded his surrender. He was later promoted to sergeant becoming the youngest NCO in the history of the US Army.

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John Clem, a drummer boy in the Union Army during the Civil War, who at age 11, shot a Confederate colonel who had demanded his surrender. Promoted to sergeant, he became the youngest NCO in Army history. He retired in 1915 as a general and the last actively-serving veteran of the Civil War.

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  1. John Clem became the youngest sergeant in US history when he was 12, shot a confederate colonel with a miniature musket after he demanded his surrender, and was the last civil war veteran on active duty in 1915.

  2. Youngest person to become an NCO in the U.S. Army is John Clem. He was a drummer boy during the Civil War, and at age 11 shot a Confederate Colonel instead of surrendering.

  3. John Clem, the youngest NCO in Army history, who was promoted to Sergeant for shooting a Confederate Colonel at the Battle of Chickamauga - when he was 10 years old.

  4. John Clem, a 12-year-old drummer boy during the Civil War, became the youngest person ever promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

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