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Elizabeth Hurley has a wiki page dedicated to "THAT Dress," a dress she wore to a film premiere and considered a launching point in her career.

Clicking the first link in the body on any arbitrary wiki page, and repeating this step over and over will eventually lead to the wiki page for 'Philosophy'

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  1. The Wikimedia foundation caught the FBI creatively editing the law when trying to have their logo taken down from the Wiki page and defended themselves in a most eloquent manner.

  2. There is an extensive debate over how to orient toilet paper. It has its own wiki page including surveys and scientific studies on the topic.

  3. The Harry Potter Wiki is particular enough to have a page dedicated to dustbins. There is essentially no connection to the different bins mentioned in the article, and it is the most exceptional and relatively useless article I‘ve found on any fan wikia.

  4. If you start from nearly any random Wikipedia article, clicking the first non-italicized, non-parenthetical link and then repeatedly doing the same thing on each new page will almost always eventually lead you to the Wiki article about Philosophy

  5. McDonalds has a wiki page, and Mayor McCheese is the most corrupt politician in McDonaldsland

  6. Michael Caine's filmography list is so long that it has its own Wiki page

  7. redirects to the wiki page on Donald Trump.

  8. The 90's Kids TV 'Arthur' has it's own Wiki page which contains almost 3500 web pages. For references the original Encyclopedia Britannica had 2659 pages.

  9. that Natalie Portman is one of the very few (if not the only) Hollywood Female Actors who have an "Education" column in their wiki page.

  10. takes you to Kayne West's wiki page!

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Why is wii sports so expensive?

You can easily fact check why is matt so good in wii sports by examining the linked well-known sources.

Bullying in the medical field is a thing that has a wiki page dedicated to it. As a medical student, I’m really glad it got recognised and acknowledged

There is a wiki page of all of rapper Drakes feuds - source

About Occam's Razor from a Simple English wiki page

Pressing ALT+X in Wikipedia will give you a random wiki page - source

When did wii sports come out?

There is a star wars wiki page dedicated to hair gel.

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