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After MH-17 was shot down over Ukraine, the Russian government accused a Ukrainian fighter jet. After it was exposed that this type of jet couldn't reach the required altitude, Wikipedia said there were a flurry of attempts from Russia to edit the jet's page to say it could fly higher.

During IBM Watson's Jeapordy Game, it stored all 15 terabytes of it's knowledge in RAM, including every page of Wikipedia in existence.

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  1. By clicking on the first link of any given Wikipedia article, and continuing that process on every other subsequent article, you will almost always arrive on the "Philosophy" page

  2. If you type in the web address bar, it will redirect you to Kanye West's Wikipedia page.

  3. A Polish Wikipedia user got his entire city banned from editing for 3 days due to him posting pictures of penises to pages related to Catholicism and Polish politics

  4. Bryan Henderson is so dedicated in removing the phrase "comprised of" off the entire Wikipedia up to the point that he has made 47,000 edits in the last 8 years and has written a 6,000 word essay in his user page explaining why he thinks it's an egregious error.

  5. Wikipedia has a page that details the lame edit wars that have occurred on the site.

  6. Some prankster keeps editing Illinois governor Bruce Rauner's Wikipedia page to say that he plays the English horn in his spare time.

  7. Debbie Does Dallas, a classic 1978 pornographic film is considered public domain and is available to watch for free, complete and uncensored, on its Wikipedia page

  8. If you type in it will redirect you to Kanye Wests' Wikipedia page.

  9. You can purchase a printed Wikipedia book compiled of any articles of your choice. Prices ranging from $8.90 for 100 pages to $32.90 for 700 pages and multiple volumes if pages exceed 800.

  10. Wikipedia has a random page function (ALT+SHIFT+X) providing hours of endless entertainment.

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wikipedia page fact data chart about Clicking the first link on every wikipedia page
Clicking the first link on every wikipedia page

wikipedia page fact data chart about Size of the Wikipedia Page for each State
Size of the Wikipedia Page for each State

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The most visited Wikipedia article on a single day is about Steve Jobs which had 7.4 million views on 6 October 2011. The previous record was held by Michael Jackson. Both pages set the record one day after the subjects' death.

There is an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to a bunny with a waffle on its head. - source

A post on TIL's front page can bring 45,000 people to a wikipedia article in one day. - source

Suggs (singer in the band Madness) learned his father was dead after reading his own Wikipedia page

There is a Wikipedia page dedicated to breast-shaped hills. - source

Angela Merkel's characteristic hand gesture is called the "Merkel-Raute" and has a Wikipedia page

94.52% of Wikipedia articles eventually lead to the Philosophy article by repeatedly clicking on the first link of every page

Wikipedia has a whole page about deleted articles with freaky titles

There is an entire Wikipedia page for onomatopoeias in other languages and that "wet strike" is a category of onomatopoeia.

There is a Wikipedia page for "Teh", the common typographical error of "The"

In 2010, after bringing the World cup to South Africa, Sepp Blatter received one of the country's highest awards. When announced on the South African presidency's official website his name was published as 'Joseph Sepp Bellend Blatter' after they took his name from his Wikipedia page.

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wikipedia page fact infographic about Visitors of artists' Wikipedia pages after they died (number

Visitors of artists' Wikipedia pages after they died (numbers from Swedish Wikipedia)

wikipedia page fact infographic about Number of pageviews for Avicii's Wikipedia page (logarithmic

Number of pageviews for Avicii's Wikipedia page (logarithmic scale)

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There are twice as many people on earth as there are words in the English Wikipedia. There are currently 3 and a half billion words over 50 million pages

There is a lengthy Wikipedia page on toilet paper orientation. There are in depth surveys, polls, and even mathematical theorems.

Wikipedia has a page called "Village Stocks" to archive its editors biggest screwups

The Wikipedia page for Easter egg has an easter egg in it.

Reddit's TIL can be learned by a machine. A bot, trained from previous posts, was created to mine Wikipedia for new content and has been on the front page multiple times.

There is a Wikipedia page about the reliability of Wikipedia.

Typing in brings you to Kanye West's wikipedia page.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse, actors who portrayed Zack and Cody respectively, share a Wikipedia page, yet their characters have one Wikipedia page apiece.

There is a Wikipedia page specifically for a photograph of a politician eating a sandwich

Wikipedia has a page dedicated to Russian political jokes (in English). Some of them are absolutely hilarious!

Only 5 company's wikipedia pages are featured pages. They are: BAE Systems, Cracker Barrel, London Necropolis Company and the Oliver Typewriter Company

If you start from nearly any random Wikipedia article, clicking the first non-italicized, non-parenthetical link and then repeatedly doing the same thing on each new page will almost always eventually lead you to the Wiki article about Philosophy

The first netflix show was a Corey Feldman horror series which is not listed on the Wikipedia page for netflix original content

"irregardless" is use incorrectly so much, that it has its own Wikipedia page.

The Wikipedia article to receive the most visits in one hour was Michael Jackson's page shortly after his death.

Wikipedia has a page solely comprised of common misconceptions

Woody Harrelson's AMA disaster is part of the Wikipedia page for the film Rampart. Which is fitting since that's the only reason I know of the movie.

Putting "simple." In front of wikipedia links to an ELI5 version of the page. (Credit to /u/flyafar)

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