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Mobile users in poor countries can access Wikipedia articles without data charges thanks to 'Wikipedia Zero'. It's currently operating in 34 countries.

Wikipedia Zero - which allows users in poor countries access to Wikipedia articles without data charges - operates in 61 countries, and helps over 400 million people

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  1. A student designed a tool that caught the government and various corporations / organizations editing Wikipedia articles to reflect better upon themselves.

  2. Author Phillip Roth attempted to edit a Wikipedia entry for his novel 'The Human Stain' because the article misattributed the inspiration for one of his characters. The 'Eniglish Wikipedia Administrator' told Roth he was not a credible source and that he needed a secondary source.

  3. By clicking on the first link of any given Wikipedia article, and continuing that process on every other subsequent article, you will almost always arrive on the "Philosophy" page

  4. Due to a long controversy beginning around 2005, the Church of Scientology has been banned from editing any Wikipedia article relating to the group.

  5. There are more Wikipedia articles on Antarctica than all but one of the African countries

  6. The 5.04 million articles on the site, Wikipedia's own staff only consider 0.4% as meeting the basic standards to qualify as a "good" article

  7. It would only take ~12 GB to download all ~5,000,000 articles from Wikipedia.

  8. Mobile users in developing countries can access Wikipedia articles without data charges thanks to 'Wikipedia Zero'. It's currently operating in 34 countries.

  9. 94.52% of all Wikipedia articles lead to the philosophy article.

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articles wikipedia fact data chart about Graph of daily pageviews of Wikipedia article on Chernobyl D
Graph of daily pageviews of Wikipedia article on Chernobyl Disaster

articles wikipedia fact data chart about Wikipedia pageview statistics for the "recession" article ov
Wikipedia pageview statistics for the "recession" article over the last 6 months

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Mobile users in 3rd world countries can access Wikipedia articles without data charges. The service is called Wikipedia Zero and is available in ~30 countries. - source

A guy jokingly edited a Wikipedia article on a Pro-Wrestler, claiming his wife had died. By sheer coincidence, 14 hrs later it was discovered that the wrestler had murdered his wife. Police later referred to the posting as "an unbelievable hindrance to the investigation" - source

If you take most wikipedia articles, click on the first link in the article text not in parentheses or italics, and then repeat, you will eventually end up at Philosophy.

On October 5, 2007, an employee in Japan's Ministry of Agriculture was reprimanded for contributing 260 times to the Gundam Wikipedia article. Ministry official Tsutomu Shimomura noted, “The agriculture ministry is not in charge of Gundam.” - source

It's only 12GB to download every Wikipedia article.

There is a 12-volume set of printed books consisting solely of edits to the Iraq War Wikipedia article from 2004 to 2009.

Wikipedia's first featured article was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Wikipedia user Giraffedata has made more than 50,000 edits, all of which are him tracking down articles using the words "comprised of" and changing them to "consists of".

The longest running fake entry on Wikipedia was for fake serial rapist from the 1800s named Jack Robichaux. The article was on Wikipedia for over 10 years.

A 4,500 word Wikipedia article was created for a fictitious war between the Maratha and Portuguese Empire and remained for 5 years achieving "good article" status.

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articles wikipedia fact infographic about From any random Wikipedia article, if you continually click

From any random Wikipedia article, if you continually click on the first link in the first paragraph, you have a 99.5% chance of ending up at the 'Philosophy' article.

articles wikipedia fact infographic about Number of Wikipedia articles related to each country

Number of Wikipedia articles related to each country

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One of the earliest surviving recordings of music is from as far back as 1888, and you can listen to it right there in the Wikipedia article. Truly mesmerizing!

The largest known structure in the universe, the Hercules–Corona Borealis Great Wall, was named by a 13 year old boy when he created a Wikipedia article about the structure

You can purchase a printed Wikipedia book compiled of any articles of your choice. Prices ranging from $8.90 for 100 pages to $32.90 for 700 pages and multiple volumes if pages exceed 800.

The longest non-list article on Wikipedia is about "South African labour law" at 339,000 characters.

There are a pair of French twins who managed to publish a series of nonsensical scientific papers in reputable journals. When they were discovered, the pair proceeded to engage on internet debates, edit Wikipedia articles, and even create fake entities to protect their works.

In 1759 ,Antoine Dupré discovered the recipe for Greek fire by accident, and shared his discovery with the king, Louis XV, who preferred to bury the secret into oblivion for the sake of humanity, buying the silence of Dupre with 2000 pounds. (Wikipedia article only available in French)

The most visited Wikipedia article on a single day is about Steve Jobs which had 7.4 million views on 6 October 2011. The previous record was held by Michael Jackson. Both pages set the record one day after the subjects' death.

The second most edited article on Wikipedia is "List of WWE personnel". Furthermore, 7 of the top 100 involve the WWE.

Wikipedia (originally incepted as Nupedia) started off very slowly, with only 21 articles produced in their first year (2000)

The second largest Wikipedia edition (by number of articles) is Swedish

On Wikipedia, editors are not allowed to contradict what Wikipedia-approved reliable sources say. As a result, a Wikipedia article in January was created based on designated sources claiming that five editors had been banned from Wikipedia when nothing actually happened to them.

There is a wikipedia article for the impending Battle of Mosul, which is set to take place in the coming months. Mosul is the second largest city in Iraq, and is currently occupied by 12,000+ ISIS fighters.

A post on TIL's front page can bring 45,000 people to a wikipedia article in one day.

A US congressional IP address was banned by Wikipedia for trying to edit the article on "Orange is the New Black"

Wikipedia has comedic guidelines for whether or not an article should be made

Wikipedia has articles for 3,853 "possibly living people," persons over 90 years old born since 1900 for whom no documentation has been found from the past decade.

The NSA charges you money to request wikipedia articles...

Wikipedia has a whole page about deleted articles with freaky titles

94.52% of Wikipedia articles eventually lead to the Philosophy article by repeatedly clicking on the first link of every page

In almost 95% of Wikipedia article, clicking on the first link will eventually lead you to the wikipage 'Philosophy"

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