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Einstein married his first cousin, Elsa Löwenthal. (Not only were their mothers sisters, but their fathers were cousins too, making the married couple second cousins as well.) The relationship began while Einstein was still married to his first wife, physicist Mileva Marić.

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Albert Einstein's wife, Elsa Einstein, was his first cousin.

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  1. Drinking birds are toy heat engines that mimic the motions of a bird drinking from a water source. They are sometimes incorrectly considered examples of a perpetual motion device. When Albert Einstein and his wife, Elsa, arrived in Shanghai in 1922, they were fascinated by the Chinese toy.

  2. His wife Elsa described the process by which this theory came to him, which caused him to stay locked in his upstairs room for two weeks while he worked on it.

  3. Albert Einstein's second wife Elsa was his first cousin on his mother's side and his second cousin on his father's side, Elsa Löwenthal's last name was actually from her first marriage as she was born Elsa Einstein

  4. Elsa Einstein, Albert's second wife and first cousin, who had surname Einstein at birth, changed it to Löwenthal when she married, and regained it as Einstein after her second marriage to Albert.

  5. Albert Eintein's second wife (Elsa Eintein) is actually his first cousin.

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