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Two of the founders of the punk band the Germs were classmates at an alternative high school where they were allowed to create their own class. They created a class for themselves called Fruit Eating in which they would go to a market, eat fruit for an hour, then return to school.

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The French duo Daft Punk got their name from a negative review they received from MelodyMaker magazine for a trio they were in before. A journalist wrote that the band Darlin's music was "a daft punky thrash". They found it funny, creating one of the most influential music acts of 90s & 00s

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  1. Peter Capaldi was the lead singer in a punk rock band called Dreamboys, whose drummer was future comedian Craig Ferguson.

  2. Punk band The Dead Kennedys were invited to perform at the Bay Area Music Awards to play their song "California Über Alles". Instead they wrote a new song "Pull My Strings" to make a mockery out of the event and mainstream music.

  3. In 1980, Punk Rock band Dead Kennedys was invited to play at an awards show to give the event "new wave credibility". Seconds into their set, they stopped to perform 'Pull My Strings', a song written specifically to take the piss out of the music execs in the room. They never played it again.

  4. The punk band Death. Originally a funk group, the three African American brothers moved to rock when they heard The Who. Their album “for the whole world to see” recorded in 1974, predates punk music that became popular later that decade, making them one of the first punk bands in the world.

  5. The band Chumbawamba, mainly known for their ubiquitous hit "Tubthumping", was actually a politically charged anarcho-punk band who once advised fans to steal their music out of chain stores.

  6. The Beastie Boys began as a hardcore punk band as a joke and mimicked their name after the Angry Samoans. They opened up for the Bad Brains and the Circle Jerks before shifting into a hip-hop sound

  7. Chumbawumba, known in the U.S. for the one-hit-wonder song Tubthumping, is an anarchist punk band with a long history of anti-fascist demonstrations and questionably-legal stunts, like smearing blood on a record label's building.

  8. The punk band Crass was able to spook both the MI6 and the US State Department by releasing a phony tape recording of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher discussing using Europe as a nuclear battlefield front against the USSR.

  9. The band Daft Punk got it's name from a negative review dubbing their music in a previous band: "A daft punky thrash".

  10. Punk band Suicidal Tendencies were investigated by the FBI for their song "I shot the devil" as it openly talks about shooting Ronald Reagan

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The lead singer of punk band Offspring worked on his PhD in molecular biology while touring and recording music

Post-Punk band Public Image Ltd (led by former Sex Pistols singer Johnny Rotten) considered the idea of their second album being released in a sandpaper package that would effectively ruin the sleeve art of any records shelved next to it. - source

American pop-punk band Blink-182 had scheduled their 2016 album 'California' to be released on July 1st- the 182nd day of the year. Unfortunately for them, however, it was a leap year. - source

The 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) sang lead and played guitar in the 80s punk rock band Dreamboys. Their drummer was Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson.

In 1979 Italian punk band Skiantos brought a kitchen, a table, a TV and a fridge onstage at a music festival, boiled some spaghetti and then ate it, without playing anything. - source

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A Seatlle punk band The Gits had a lead singer who was murdered in the 90s. DNA found her murderer a decade later.

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Peter Dinklage used to front a punk band called Whizzy

Jello Biafra, best known as the lead singer of the punk rock band Dead Kennedy’s, ran for the Green Party’s presidential nomination in 2000. Some of his ideas included lowering the voting age to 5 and abolishing the military.

Norwegian punk band Turbonegro chose this name because it was considered more "consumer friendly" than their first choice... Nazipenis.

The lead singer of the punk band Bad Religion has degrees in biology and geology from UCLA, and a PhD in Zoology from Cornell. He is a frequent lecturer at UCLA

Abbey from NCIS was in a punk band called Lo-Ball

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The founder of CBGB, the festering home of the '70s Punk music explosion, meant it to be a venue for Country, BlueGrass and Blues bands.

The punk band NOFX never signed to a mayor music label. Eventually they became one of the most successful independent bands of all time and are still going strong after 31 years.

The punk band UK Subs released 26 albums over 37 years, all titled with the letters of the alphabet in consecutive order, when they got to Z they stopped making albums.

Daft Punk's album Discovery was adapted into a feature-length film about the abduction and rescue of an interstellar pop band.

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In 1985, the Soviet Union released a list of 38 bands whose music was barred from being played there. The reasons were listed violence, anti-communism, sex, religion, punk, and homosexuality. These acts included AC/DC, Tina Turner, The B-52's, KISS, Blondie, Talking Heads, and Pink Floyd.

The punk band members from the paintball episode of King of the Hill ("The Man Who Shot Cane Skretteburg") were voiced by the band Green Day

Craig Ferguson (of Late Late Show fame) and Peter Capaldi (Malcolm Tucker, Dr. Who) used to be in a Punk band called The Bastards From Hell

About the time the British punk band Crass nearly started WW3: they made a mock tape of Reagan and Thatcher discussing a pre-emptive nuclear strike on the Soviets, and then mailed it to the Russian government.

Billie Joe Armstrong, the guitarist/vocalist of punk band Green Day, had his signature guitar pieced back together after he infamously destroyed it at an iHeartRadio concert in 2012 in protest of their set being cut short so Usher would have more stage time. He still uses it to this day.

Belinda Carlisle of The Go-Gos and "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" fame started her musical career as the drummer for hardcore punk band The Germs

The 1980s Australian punk band "The Celibate Rifles" chose their name as a deliberate antonym of "The Sex Pistols".

In 2013 the band Wilco played an all-request show - all songs requested by their fans. They ended up covering Neil Young, The Grateful Dead, Pavement and even Daft Punk (among others), and performed only one of their own songs.

The Goo Goo Dolls originally formed as a punk rock band in 1985. It wasn't until the mid 90's, they became a success utilizing the pop sound most people recognize them by.

The Punk band "The Misfits" famous skull mascot is originally from a 1946 film serial titled "The Crimson Ghost" in which the titular character plots to steal a device that can short out any electronic. The Crimson Ghost has also been featured in an Iron Maiden music video.

Hardcore punk band Black Flag tricked a promoter into playing a show at Manhattan Beach's Polliwog Park by saying they were a Fleetwood Mac tribute band.

Seminal hardcore punk band MDC changed their name to Mega Death Corporation when anarcho-punk collective Crass refused to include the band on a compilation album because "they were bothered by the name Millions of Dead Cops".

The punk rock band Black Flag released a free jazz EP that used twelve-tone composition, meaning it uses all twelve notes in the chromatic scale equally.

Post-punk band The Fall has had 67 different members during its 35-year existence, with only lead singer Mark E. Smith remaining a constant member

Punk Rock band Alien Ant Farm once crashed the Black Entertainment TV Awards for their music video

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