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Colonel Tommy MacPherson, a Scottish officer in the British army during World War 2 who singlehandedly secured the surrender of 23,000 German soldiers by walking into their camp, dressed in full Highland uniform, and bluffing that he had reinforcements ready.

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An unarmed Scottish commando, Sir Thomas Tommy Macpherson, bluffed his way into making 23,000 Nazi's surrender.

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  1. Tommy Macpherson, the "Kilted Killer". He had a bounty of 300,000 francs placed on his head and bluffed the surrender of 23,000 German troops in WW2. He died last year.

  2. Tommy Macpherson was a Scottish British Army officer. He became infamous among Axis forces as the "Kilted Killer". Having caused so much damage to military infrastructure, a bounty of 300,000 francs was placed upon his head.

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