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"Alexander Selkirk", a Scottish sailor. He survived for over 4 years (1704-1709) as a castaway on a deserted tropical island in the Pacific. Armed with only musket and knife, he hunted for food, primarily goats. He constructed two shelters. Ultimately he was rescued by a British ship.

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The true inspiration for Robinson Crusoe's character is unknown but some believe it may have been inspired by the Scottish castaway Alexander Selkirk, or Robert Knox, a shipwrecked sailor, or a book written by Ibn Tufail.

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  1. When Alexander Selkirk refused to keep going on a leaking ship for fear of sinking, his captain stranded him on an island. Selkirk survived for four years, while the ship foundered near Colombia.

  2. The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe were based on real plundering pirate Alexander Selkirk, and while stranded on an island he tamed 100 cats as pets and hunting companions

  3. A sailor/castaway named Alexander Selkirk survived for over 4 years alone on a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean (1704-1709)

  4. In 1704 Alexander Selkirk was marooned by pirates on a desert island--He survived for four years by hunting goats and taming wild cats.

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