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In 1999 EA had to recall 100,000 copies of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 99 as an EA employee hid an uncensored copy of South Park's Jesus vs Santa episode on the PlayStation disc

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Tiger Woods, despite being worth $500 million dollars, once pulled a "mulligan" by taking back a $5 tip to a waitress after realizing he had tipped her earlier in the day. By the way, he was playing a $10,000 hand of blackjack at the time.

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  1. Tiger Woods does not own the rights to the name Tiger Woods. Nike does.

  2. EA had to do a mass recall of the video game 'Tiger Woods 99', because somebody hid an entire episode of South Park inside it

  3. Tiger Woods PGA Tour '99 was recalled because the entire South Park pilot was used as dummy data on the disc and players discovered they could watch the episode by simply putting the game disc into a PC.

  4. Lumber Liquidators illegally imports wood harvested from Siberian Tiger habitat via China.

  5. When Tiger Woods father passed away, a Green Beret, Tiger became so obsessed with Navy Seals he regularly trained with them at their facilities. His team staged an intervention to avoid him quitting Golf and enlisting.

  6. The Power of Sleep particularly for elite athletes. Roger Federer sleeps 12 hours a day. Usain Bolt 9-10 hrs a day. Le Bron James also sleeps 12 hours. For a long time, while he was struggling with his form, Tiger Woods had a sleep disorder.

  7. In 1999, EA recalled 100k copies of Tiger Woods Pro Tour 99 for PlayStation because somebody snuck the South Park 'Jesus vs Santa' episode into the game's files.

  8. Jesus vs. Santa, the short film that led to the creation of South Park, was included at the end of Tiger Woods '99 for the Playstation

  9. Tiger Woods is only 1/16th African-American and 75% Asian.

  10. Tiger Woods, one of the world's most famous golfers, was only eight years old when he snagged his first ace.

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tiger woods fact data chart about Illustration of Tiger Woods' comeback to the top 20 ranked g
Illustration of Tiger Woods' comeback to the top 20 ranked golfers in the world, after falling to 600+.

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Tiger Wood's dominance – cut percentage and earnings per event

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The highest-paid sports star in New Zealand was once Steve Williams, Tiger Woods' caddie.

Jennifer Aniston, Tiger Woods and Norwegian Prince and Princess are proud owners of Labradoodle.

Tiger Wood's parents believed he was sent by God to unite humanity. "He is the Chosen One....he will do more than any other man in history to change the course of humanity." - source

Dead Space was built on a modified Tiger Woods PGA Tour engine.

Tiger Woods holds 17 Guinness World Records, behind only Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps for the most of any athlete within one discipline. Truly one of the most dominant athletes ever. - source

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The Tiger woods 99 disc on Playstation had a file that when opened on a pc played the original South Park short Santa vs. Jesus

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Many athletes rely on chiropractors to keep them healthy and performing at their best. Michael Phelps, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Arnold Schwarzenegger have been known to go to see chiropractors.

Steve Williams, Tiger Woods' Caddie until 2011, once wrestled a $7,000 camera from a fan who clicked a picture of Woods during his backswing and threw it into a pond

Nike had never produced a golf club or golf ball until they signed Tiger Woods in 1995

NBA coach Doc Rivers tried to get ejected from a game so he could watch Tiger Woods play The Masters.

On his birth Tiger Woods was named Eldrick Tont Woods. His father gave him the nickname Tiger as a honor to a fellow soldier whom he met during the Vietnam war.

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Time Magazine published a list of the "Top 10 College Dropouts." Making the list: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Frank Lloyd Wright, Buckminster Fuller, James Cameron, Mark Zuckerberg, Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Lady Gaga, Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods hasn't won a tournament since 2013 at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational.

In 2003 WB approached Tony Hawk to make Skate Jam, a skater-themed sequel to Space Jam, but it was cancelled after Looney Tunes: Back in Action bombed. It was one of several sequel ideas, including Spy Jam (starring Jackie Chan), Race Jam (starring Jeff Gordon), and a film with Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods' real name is Eldrick Tont Woods

Tiger Woods spent 683 weeks as world No. 1 – 352 weeks (more than six years) more than any other player in OWGR history. Tiger’s 79 Tour wins are 67 more than any other player currently 40 or younger.

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Tiger Wood's real first name is Eldrick and was given the nickname "Tiger" after a Vietnamese soldier and friend of his father’s.

July 23, 2000, Tiger Woods became the youngest golfer to win a complete Grand Slam. At age 24, he held all four modern major championships simultaneously :the U.S. Open, The British Open Championship, the PGA Championship and the Masters. He won the British Open that year with a 19 under par.

Tiger Woods father Earl broke the color barrier for Big Eight Conference baseball.

Master's Champion Fuzzy Zoeller when asked about a young Tiger Woods game (on pace to win his first Green Jacket), he requested Tiger not serve fried chicken and collard greens at the following year's traditional champ-hosted dinner for former champs.

Tiger Woods tried to bribe ex-wife Elin Nordegren with $55 million to stay married for two more years but it didn't work

Tiger Woods has won 8 PGA Tour events since his scandal in Nov 2009. Only 126 other players in history have ever bested that over their entire careers, and only 14 currently active golfers.

Someone working at EA hid an entire episode of South Park inside Tiger Woods 99 as an Easter egg, causing EA to issue a massive recall of the game

In 1999 EA had to recall the game Tiger Woods PGA Tour 99 as an EA employee hid an uncensored copy of South Park's Jesus vs Santa episode on the PlayStation disc

Nike Co-Founder Phil Knight started his career distributing "Tiger" shoes that he found in Kobe, Japan. Two of his biggest signings ever later in his career coincidentally being Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant.

Tiger Woods's real name is Eldrick. He was given the nickname Tiger in honor of his father's friend, a Vietnamese colonel whose nickname was also Tiger.

Tiger Woods was shamed into completing that iconic golf ball juggling Nike commercial by Director Doug Liman questioning his ability to focus under pressure.

Tyga claimed that his name stands for Thank You God Always, but it used to be because his mother called him Tyga for looking like Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods was featured on That's Incredible when he was 5 years old, in the early 1980s.

Tiger Woods father Earl was ex special forces.

The best U.S. Open performance of all time almost never happened after Tiger Woods’s caddy didn’t replace golf balls used by Tiger to practice in his hotel room the previous night.

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