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In one of Thomas Jefferson's letters to James Madison in 1789 he stated that the Constitution and laws should expire after 19 years. This was to allow the new generations to learn from the past and change accordingly, it was also to prevent older generations from "binding" subsequent ones.

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TIL The founding fathers feared the development of political parties. Among others, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and George Washington wrote about the dangers of domestic politic factions.

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  1. The 27th amendment, which forbids congress from raising their own pay during their term, was proposed by James Madison in 1789 and wasn't ratified until 1992.

  2. Although we picture the Founding Fathers as old men, many were quite young. By July 4th, 1776, Aaron Burr was 20, Alexander Hamilton, 21; James Madison, 25; John Jay, 29; and Thomas Jefferson, 33.

  3. President James Madison was only 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighed less than 100 pounds.

  4. James Madison, "Father of the Constitution", argued against a Pure Democracy, because it would lead to a dictatorship over the minority.

  5. One of the reasons America has Electoral College is because James Madison was worried about "tyranny of the majority", which involves a scenario in which a majority places its own interests above those of a minority group.

  6. Alexander Hamilton and James Madison both claimed to have written numbers 49-58 and 62-63 of the Federalist Papers. In 1964, a computer analysis of the text revealed that Madison was indeed the author of all 12 of those essays, despite Hamilton's claim to the contrary.

  7. Besides 9/11, the only other attack by an outside force on Washington D.C. was in 1814 when George Cockburn, an admiral in the British Royal Navy, literally walked into the White House, ate James Madison's dinner, drank his wine, and then set fire to the place.

  8. James Madison was our smallest president. He was 5' 4" (163 cm) and never weighed more that 100 pounds

  9. James Madison was the shortest U.S. President in history at 5 feet 4 inches tall and he weighed only 100 pounds.

  10. 4th U.S. president James Madison wanted to rent the Portuguese Navy instead of building his own

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After the White House was burned during the War of 1812, President James Madison spent the rest of his time as president living and conducting business from The Octagon House, which he rented for about $500

James Madison died in 1836 and Dolley stayed at the family's plantation for a year.

Most of the Founding Fathers of the United States were Federalists, including Alexander Hamilton and James Madison.

George Washington initially used the title, "His High Mightiness, the President of the United States and Protector of their Liberties," before changing it to "Mr. President" under the demands of James Madison and the House of Representatives.

James Madison was the American President at the time and future president James Monroe was the Secretary of State. The American negotiating team was lead by future president John Q. Adams.

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In 1800 Thomas Jefferson became the 3rd president of the United States. He asked James Madison to serve as Secretary of State. He accepted.

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The only two signers of the United States Constitution that went on to become United States Presidents were James Madison and George Washington.

When Jefferson's term was almost up in 1808 James Madison was nominated by the Democratic-Republican caucus.

James Madison (4th President of United States) said that the Senate's job is to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority.

James Madison and Dolley, as well as her son Payne, moved to Washington, along with their domestic slaves.

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Locke's Treatises were printed in America in 1773 in Boston and his ideas on liberty and the social contract were influential in the American Revolution and influenced the writings of Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

James Madison, 4th President of the US and Father of the US Constitution, said that a concern of the US political system is to "protect the minority of the opulent against the majority"

James Madison was elected as United States president from 1809 to 1817. Dolley Madison was the first official First Lady of the United States.

James Madison recorded the most extensive notes during the Constitutional Convention because he "had been frustrated in his studies of other governments by the near-impossibility of determining what their founders had intended when creating them."

Dolley married James Madison on September 15, 1794. They lived in Philadelphia for three years and James Madison then retired from politics.

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President James Madison never weighed more than 100 pounds in his life.

James Madison wrote letters to himself, both as George Washington and as Congress

The last time three presidents in a row served two complete terms was 1825, with Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe.

George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison DID NOT sign the Declaration of Independence.

During the American Revolution, Thomas Jefferson had James Madison and others measure animals to prove that America wasn’t naturally inferior to Europe.

Abraham Lincoln was the tallest U.S. President at 6'4", while James Madison was the shortest at 5'4".

James Madison, considered the "Father Of the Constitution", was only 27 years old when the Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787.

James Madison proposed 12 amendments in the bill of rights but only 10 were ratified

Eight U.S. Presidents were born in Virginia. George Washington was born in Westmoreland County; Thomas Jefferson was born in Shadwell; James Madison was born in Port Conway; James Monroe was born in Westmoreland County; William Harrison was born in Berkeley; John Tyler was born in Greenway; Zachary Taylor was born near Barboursville; Woodrow Wilson was born in Staunton.

James Madison wrote the first draft of the Bill of Rights, borrowing many ideas from several sources including Virginia's Declaration of Rights, Enlightenment ideas, and the English Bill of Rights. It underwent many revisions before it was ratified.

President James Madison's voice was so weak that people often had difficulty hearing his speeches. He was plagued by recurring bouts of “bilious fever” and what he described as “a constitutional liability to sudden attacks, somewhat resembling epilepsy.”

James Madison, sometimes considered the "Father of the Constitution" was against democracy.

That, on July 4, 1776, Andrew Jackson was 9 years old, James Monroe was 18, Alexander Hamilton was 21, James Madison was 25, and Thomas Jefferson was 33. King George III was 38, George Washington was 44, and Benjamin Franklin was 70.

Some of the most notable Federalists included John Marshall, Thomas Pinkney, Gouverneur Morris, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, John Adams, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and Timothy Pickering.

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