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When Dolly Parton first hosted an annual "Gay Day" at her theme park, Dollywood, the KKK and others threatened her over it. She still gets threats but this hasn't stopped the event.

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Disney almost made 'The Dark Kingdom' at Walt Disney World, a Fifth Park that was themed around it's Villains

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  1. In the mid 2000s, Disney bid the rights to use Harry Potter for theme park attractions. However, Disney refused to give its creative control to JK Rowling's demands, and JK Rowling went to Universal Parks & Resorts instead, in which Universal gave into her terms.

  2. When the Six Flags Over Texas theme park opened in 1961, it had a section dedicated to the Confederacy where actors would hunt through the crowd for Union "spies" and "execute" them by firing squad, and where boys and girls could sign up to defend the South as soldiers and nurses.

  3. Disney World once considered building a fifth theme park dedicated to villains, called "The Dark Kingdom"

  4. Disney almost created a theme park for villains called 'The Dark Kingdom'.

  5. Disney does not own the rights to show "big" Marvel characters (Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man, etc) in theme parks east of the Mississippi, due to a contract Marvel signed with Universal Studios in the 90s

  6. Disney was forced to abandon its policy of letting disabled people skip lines in its theme parks, after rampant abuse of the rule by people hiring disabled “tour guides” to skip waiting for rides. These guides sometimes charged up to hundreds of dollars per hour.

  7. Selfie sticks are banned from all Disney theme parks.

  8. RollerCoaster Tycoon was originally created by Chris Sawyer as an excuse to visit theme parks and "research" roller coasters.

  9. A theme park in Lithuania recreates life as a USSR citizen. Visitors have their belongings confiscated, wear gas masks, experience interrogation, and must learn the Soviet anthem. Their reward is a shot of vodka.

  10. There is a planned theme park in London called 'London Paramount' that will cost £2bn and be 1.5x the size of Disneyland and have BBC themed rides such as Doctor Who

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After the 1980 film Popeye flopped, the set was abandoned, so the locals of Mellieha, Malta reclaimed it as a Popeye theme park.

Some roller coasters are recycled by selling them and moving them to other theme parks. This is partly because a reclaimed roller coaster can cost 80% less than a new one. One roller coaster, Tsunami, has been at 4 different theme parks since 1986. - source

The King of Jordan, King Abdullah II, appeared as an extra on an episode of Star Trek and is currently building a Star Trek themed amusement park in Jordan. - source

There's a theme park in Japan where kids can experience adult life (working, banking, etc)

Disney makes twice as much money from their theme parks than what they make from their actual movies. - source

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Disney attempted an American themed amusement park to be built in Virginia. It was canceled due to opposition from citizen's groups. Disney then attempted to buy Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA. The park owners refused to sell in fear of what Disney would do with the property.

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In the US more people visit museums than go to sporting events and theme parks combined

A theme park in Transylvania that's 400 feet below ground. Once a salt mine and cheese storing facility, visitors can ride a Ferris wheel, row around a lake, play mini golf, and more.

South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut's major themes were censorship and controversy surrounding young viewers being exposed to mature themes in film. Their film ended up being the most viewed R-Rated film by underage viewers of the year.

There is a near-abandoned Flintstones-themed camp ground and amusement park in Arizona, about 30 minutes from the Grand Canyon, complete with year-round camping and a "Bedrock Theater" that plays Flintstones cartoons

In 2015, Disney banned selfie sticks from all its theme parks worldwide.

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The Window of the World theme park in China has a cremation simulator. Visitors climb into coffins & are carried on a conveyor belt with heat & light projections simulating the effects of a real funeral-home incinerator. It hopes to enlighten people on death & help them make better life choices.

Holy Land USA is an abandoned Christian theme park where a teenage girl was murdered

There’s a construction themed park where you can operate real heavy machinery for fun

Walt Disney had a secret apartment built in Disneyland so he could watch the crowds in his theme park.

About KidZania, an international theme park chain where children simulate being adults, including working at jobs such as manufacturing branded items in exchange for fake money

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There's a "virtual reality theme park" being built in Utah where players wear sensors on their head, hands, torso, and feet which allow them to play inside a VR game in a physical space in real time. Players can interact with physical objects and other people as well as digital objects.

Every Banana sold in the UK is a clone of the banana grown at the famous Staffordshire theme park 'Alton Towers'

There are approximately 850 million visits each year to American museums, more than the attendance for all major league sporting events and theme parks combined (483 million in 2011)

There are plans to turn abandoned parts of Detroit into a zombie apocalypse theme park

About Salina Turda, a massive Roman salt mine in Transylvania which contains an underground theme park and other tourist attractions including a lake, mini golf course, and bowling alley. The salty air down there is apparently very good for asthma.

Disney isn't legally allowed to develop Marvel attractions based on X-Men, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and the Avengers, and their "families" on its East Coast theme parks, nor use the Marvel name in both of its West/East Coast parks due to the 1994 contract Marvel signed with Universal Studios

The "collapsed dorsal fin" you see on killer whales in aquatic theme parks like SeaWorld is usually a consequence of captivity.

The derelict Land of Oz Theme Park has been (almost) abandoned since 1980 - it gets cleaned up and opens one weekend in October each year for Halloween

Selfie sticks are banned from all Disney theme parks

Action Park, a New Jersey theme park which opened in 1978, was infamous for being poorly constructed, with at least six guests killed by the rides. It featured a water slide which was closed after only a month, and which supposedly decapitated a crash test dummy during safety testing.

The Americans spend more money on slot machines than on movies, baseball and theme parks combined.

The Ku Klux Klan has held demonstrations at Dolly Parton's theme park because of her annual Gay Day

The Dutch theme park De Efteling is so popular that 94% of the Dutch population has visited the park at least once.

The film 'Frozen' caused waits of up to six hours at Disney theme parks for children to have pictures taken with Elsa and Anna, while the wait for Merida from 'Brave' was five minutes

The abandoned Land of Oz theme park, deserted for decades, reopens just once a year for two days leading up to Halloween

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