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The "American" flags at Disney's Magic Kingdom intentionally contain less than 50 stars so that they don't have to be taken down in poor weather or lit up at night.

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Disney World has a completely abandoned park located near Magic Kingdom: River Country, their first ever water park

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  1. When it opened, Disneyworld had Magic Kingdom, Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground, Disney's Polynesian Resort, and Disney's Contemporary Resort.

  2. Underneath the Magic Kingdom theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is a network of tunnells and buildings which allow employees and cast members to move around without being seen

  3. A renowned Nazi interrogator, whose questioning techniques were so effective that the U.S. military later adapted them, went on to become a mosaic artist and have his work featured in Disney's Magic Kingdom.

  4. The Mississippi River Basin model. It is a small scale recreation of the Mississippi river that engineers created and used to predict flooding. It covered 200 acres, making it twice as large as Disney's Magic Kingdom. It was able to predict flood levels to within inches.

  5. Disneyworld's 4 theme parks Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom, are in the top 25 most visited theme parks in the world.

  6. In Disney's Magic Kingdom at River Belle Terrace, pancakes can be served in a Mickey Mouse shape.

  7. Snow White's Scary Adventures ride at Disney's Magic Kingdom had an original version too scary and intense, with the ride ended by having the Witch crushing "Snow White" (aka the riders) with a large diamond

  8. Country Bear Jamboree opened 45 years ago today (October 1, 1971) in the Magic Kingdom.

  9. A reader survey published in O Magazine ten years ago prompted Disney Parks to conduct research that eventually led to the construction of New Fantasyland, the largest expansion in the history of the Magic Kingdom.

  10. In Disney World, a 38-year-old employee dressed as Pluto was killed at the Magic Kingdom when he was run over by the Beauty and the Beast float in the Share a Dream Come True Parade.

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magic kingdom fact data chart about Disney's Magic Kingdom Entrance Fees from 1971 to Present, A
Disney's Magic Kingdom Entrance Fees from 1971 to Present, Adjusted for Inflation

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Underneath Disney World has a huge network of tunnels where staff relax, remove waste, and travel from one section of the park to another. These tunnels are actually built on ground level, which means that areas like the Magic Kingdom are actually on the second story.

Disney once proposed to JK Rowling to put the small area of Harry Potter's Forbidden Forest inside the Animal Kingdom park because they said Hogwarts Castle (as she demanded) could not be in the same park in the Magic Kingdom as Cinderella's castle - source

There was a direct airport in the 70's to the Magic Kingdom that Walt Disney used to survey the land for the future theme park and would later be used by guests. - source

The 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride at The Magic Kingdom was shut down by park employee conspirators.

In Super Mario Bros., the blocks Mario breaks are actually citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom who were turned into bricks by "The Koopa King's" black magic. - source

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Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom is on the second story built on top of a tunnel like first floor called Utilidors.

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Pablo Escobar and his family visited Disney World's Magic Kingdom

The first "Hacktivist" was Doug Swallow, a local computer hacker who was supported at Disney's Magic Kingdom by 300 Gays and Lesbians marching on the park in 1999, subsequently beginning Disney Park's "Gay Days" in 1991.

There are secret tunnels under Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

I learned that in the first entry of the Super Mario series, the people of the Mushroom Kingdom have been transformed into bricks by Bowser's magic. So when the player smashes a brick, they're essentially slaughtering innocent mushroom people.

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