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In Norway, stripping counts as an art form for tax purposes.

how are trusts taxed for income tax purposes?

Denatured alcohol (sold in hardware stores) isn't chemically different from drinking alcohol. The only difference is it's purposely laced with poison and nausea inducing additives so you can't drink it. This compromises allows it to be sold without alcohol tax and ensures people don't drink it.

What is a disregarded entity for tax purposes?

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what is considered a second home for tax purposes?

  1. In 2015, Ireland's GDP had a massive 26% spike. All because Apple moved it's intellectual property assets into Ireland for tax purposes.

  2. Ill-gotten gains from criminal activity must be reported as income for tax purposes and taxpayer may also take deductions for costs relating to criminal activity. SCOTUS ruled that the purpose of the tax code was to tax net income, not punish unlawful behavior.

  3. The wall served several purposes such as protection, control, taxes, immigration and emigration, and it was even used as a transportation corridor.

  4. Burritos are considered sandwiches for tax purposes in New York State.

  5. The Ouija Board was forced to be labelled as a Children's Toy by William Fuld in 1920 for tax purposes

  6. After all the land and landowners in England were assessed for tax purposes in 1086, there wouldn't be another such countrywide study for nearly 800 years, until the 1873 Return of Owners of Land was released.

  7. In the 1893 case Nix v. Hedden, the Supreme court determined that a tomato is legally a vegetable for tax purposes (Nix was trying to get out of paying a tariff on vegetables and not fruits)

  8. Starbucks gets your name wrong on purpose so that people will share it on social networks. Free advertising for the tax-dodging scoundrels!

  9. The Ace of Spaces has a special design because it was stamped for tax purposes

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What is a dependent for tax purposes?

Why taxpayers should pay for stadiums?

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Hotblack Desiato is the name of an actual real estate agent before it was a name for a rockstar dead for tax purposes

An estimated $500 billion worth of illicit money is laundered through offshore banking every year, equal to the income of the worlds poorest 20%. "high net-worth individuals" (a small club of 92,000 worldwide) also keep 1/3 of their money offshore for tax evasion purposes equal to $6-13 trillion - source

Pringles are not potato chips, according to Pringles (in the U.K. for tax exemption purposes) - source

The Catholic church was so persistent about baptizing every newborn, because since every baptism is recorded in the churches' ledger, it was a good way to keep track of the population for taxing purpose before the taking of census became commonplace. (12:30) - source

When is accrual accounting required for tax purposes?

In Norway, stripping counts as an art form for tax purposes.

How are leases treated for income tax purposes?

For U.S. tax purposes every non-american citizen is called resident or non-resident alien.

NFL is listed as "Non Profit" for tax purposes...they don't pay taxes

In 2003 a marvel subsidiary successfully sued the government for the official definition of Action Figures to be toys and NOT dolls. For tax purposes.

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