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Tomatoes, although botanically a fruit, are legally a vegetable as a result of the 1893 Supreme Court case Nix v. Hedden, as "they are seen as vegetables because they are usually eaten as a main course instead of being eaten as a dessert."

The Supreme Court of the United States legally declared tomatoes to be a vegetable in 1893. This decision was never overturned.

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  1. The US Supreme Court ruled in 1893 that tomatoes are a vegetable.

  2. In 1893, the US Supreme Court determined that a tomato is legally a vegetable.

  3. Although botanically speaking, a tomato is a fruit; due to a Supreme Court ruling in 1893, it is legally a vegetable.

  4. In 1893 the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that tomatoes should be classified as vegetables as opposed to fruits.

  5. In 1893 the US Supreme Court ruled that tomatoes are vegetables, despite recognizing that they are actually fruit.

  6. In 1893 the Supreme Court decided that while tomatoes are indeed botanically defined as fruit, consumers think of tomatoes as vegetables, and that is how they should be legally defined in a case where the plaintiff tried to argue otherwise to avoid taxes on the importation of vegetables

1893 supreme facts
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On May, 10, 1893 the U.S. Supreme Court declared Tomatoes are vegetables.

In 1893 the Supreme Courd decided that the tomato is a vegetable, not a fruit - source

In 1893 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Tomatoes should be classified as vegetables. This came about after a case was filed to recovery back duties paid under protest for a tariff on imported vegetables but not fruit.

In 1893, the US Supreme Court officially declared tomatoes a vegetable on customs tariffs after the John Nix & Co. produce company filed a suit to have them labeled as a fruit. The company did this in order to avoid paying a tariff that taxed imported vegetables, but not fruit. - source

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