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Due to a law in USA, importing toys resembling humans are taxed higher than those that don't. Marvel successfully argued in court that because their X-men action figures are mutants they should be exempt from such higher tax.

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There's an organization of 200 plus millionaires that formed a political group that actively pushes for political equality regardless of wealth, higher wages for workers and tries to get the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes.

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why are bonuses taxed at a higher rate?

  1. The ancient Egyptians measured the flood levels of the Nile and levied taxes according to how high water levels were. If the water level indicated there would be a strong harvest, taxes would be higher.

  2. McVitie's produced a giant Jaffa Cake in court to prove it's a cake in order to be charged less tax as biscuits are taxed at a higher rate.

  3. A Higher Tax Bracket Means That Only the Income That Falls in That Tax Bracket is Taxed at the Higher Rate

  4. "dolls" (which are representations of people) once faced a higher import duty in the U.S. than "action figures" (representations of non-humans). In 2003, Marvel successfully argued that its X-Men toys should be taxed as action figures since the characters are mutants, not humans.

  5. Converse sneakers have fuzzy soles so they can be classified the same as slippers to avoid paying higher import tax

  6. Alcohol proof began in 16th century England. Spirits were tested by soaking a pellet of gunpowder in them. If the gunpowder could still burn, the spirits were rated above proof and taxed at a higher rate

  7. About the Lake Wylie Mini Mart. When the border was resurveyed, it found itself in NC instead of SC. That meant higher taxes and no more beer sales. An exemption was granted so it would still operated under SC laws.

  8. The reason so many tractor trailers in the US are registered in Oklahoma is because of tax and fee incentives beginning in the 1980s, while the relative burden on passenger vehicles was much higher.

  9. Due to a special tax levy on households with a €1.3+ milion net worth, more than 8,000 French households had to pay tax bills higher than their entire 2011 yearly income.

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Why are commissions taxed at a higher rate?

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taxed higher fact data chart about Federal income tax rate on $1M regular income is significant
Federal income tax rate on $1M regular income is significantly higher than for capital gains income

Why are bonuses taxed at a higher rate?

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Tariffs generate tax revenue at the expense of consumers, who pay higher prices.

Diesel is taxed at a higher rate than non-diesel fuel in the United States - source

People are willing to pay higher taxes when they know the recipients of those tax dollars will go to people of the same ethnicity as them. - source

The bridge toll for Brookly Bridge was higher in 1883 than it is now and even pedestrians paid toll tax for using the bridge until 1891.

A federal court ruled that the X-Men, Spider-Man, and the Fantastic Four are not humans; toys that represent humans had higher tariffs, and the court agreed with an importer that action figures representing those characters were not subject to the higher tax since they're not human - source

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Due to a strange law in America where importing toys resembling humans are taxed higher than those that do not; Marvel successfully argued in court that because their X- men action figures are mutants, they should be exempt from the tax.

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If the government makes the tax rate higher than 33%, then LESS money ends up going to the government.

The reason we refer to tomatoes as vegetables, is because the Supreme Court decided that imported tomatoes should be taxed as veggies(a higher tax) instead of fruits.

Importing toys resembling humans to the US is taxed higher than non-human toys. When Marvel was faced with this law, they argued in court that because their X-Men action figures are technically not humans but mutants, they should be exempt from the tax. They won the case.

Taking mortgage interest deduction in the US would mean you cannot take the standard deduction. So, unless you pay significantly higher mortgage interest + taxes than the standard deduction, you don't get a big benefit due to mortgage interest deduction.

Pipe" tobacco is sometimes cigarette tobacco relabeled to avoid higher taxes

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Denmark in 2010 implemented an option to pay an extra amount of tax voluntarily. $13,000 was donated until the option was shut down after estimating that administrative costs were higher than donations.

Americans' health care taxes are higher than any other country in the world

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