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An activist named Bruno Manser went into the jungles of Borneo in the 1980s and became a respected elder in the Penan tribe, then left the tribe and did hunger strikes outside many multinational corporations responsible for stealing their land.

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The Dutch East India Company is considered the world’s first multinational corporation. It was a “company-State” that over its 200-year history, had stockholders, occupied territory, minted currency and even tried/executed prisoners.

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  1. 3 trillion was stolen from developing countries by multinational corporations in 2012. While a total of $0.135 trillion in aid was received by those same countries that year.

  2. He continued to modernize his companies and by the 1930s it was a multinational corporation.

  3. ASICS (name of the multinational corporation which produces footwear and sports equipment) is the acronym of "Anima sana in corpore sano", which in Latin means "Healthy soul in a healthy body". This is a variant of the original Latin proverb, "Mens sana in corpore sano".

  4. In 1602 The Dutch East India Co. was the first company to issue stock. It became first multinational corporation and played an integral role in modern history's first market crash.

  5. Aguascalientes City has attracted many multinational banks and corporations in recent years.

  6. 45% of zips in the world are made by the same multinational multibillion corporation YKK.

  7. The majority of American book publishers are owned by Bertelsmann, a German multinational corporation.

  8. that L-1B visas are bigger than H-1B and worse for American workers. U.S.-based multinational corporations such as IBM can use its own overseas employees to do the work in the USA for a fraction of costs of American workers.

  9. The Trans-Pacific Partnership has a chapter (allowing multinational corporations to sue governments for damages over laws they don't like) that will remain classified for four years after the TPP either goes into force or fails to pass.

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Approximately 90% of the available fresh water on earth is used by multinational corporations (including agribusiness)

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