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Tax payers in Minnesota were forced to pay over $500 million to build the Vikings' new stadium without even being able to vote on a referendum on whether or not they should even do so

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In 2010 the DOD purchased and destroyed every first edition copy of Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffers book "Operation Dark Heart" (at a tax payer cost of $47,000), which claimed the Defense Intelligence Agency failed to evaluate intelligence on the 9/11 hijackers, allowing the attacks to occur.

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  1. The U.S provides GPS service world wide for free, while U.S tax payers pay $2 million dollars a day to keep it operating.

  2. The IRS defined the complexity of the tax code as the #1 most serious problem facing tax-payers.

  3. 9 patients in Austin Texas accounted for 2700 emergency room visits over a six year span costing tax payers 3 million dollars.

  4. The mayor of High Wycombe has a weigh-in & weigh-out ceremony over the course of the time in service. If the major has gained weight it is seen to have been at the tax payers expense and they should be 'jeered & booed'.

  5. CEO stock options are tax deductible as a business expense in America, meaning that tax payers are subsidizing $7bn in CEO pay each year.

  6. The most famous example of price fixing the Great Electrical Conspiracy in which GE and Westinghouse fixed the prices of turbines. The companies used the phase of the moon to determine the winner of government procurement auctions. Scheming tax payers out of 100's of million of dollars.

  7. The US government invested $90,000 promoting Vidalia onions as part of a promotion with Shrek (with tax payer money)

  8. In 2002 the United States military staged war games that initially resulted in humiliation, resulting in them forming scrips to ensure a US victory. Ultimately wasting $250 million tax payers money.

  9. If Colorado raises more Marijuana Tax money than they expected, they can not spend it and they would have to return it to tax payers.

  10. In 2016 one tax payer moved away from New Jersey and threw off the entire state's budget

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Abraham Lincoln's wife was crazy, was physically abusive toward her husband, AND spent tax payer money on $2,000 dresses.

It will cost each tax payer around $77 or 1 waffle maker to build a wall across Mexico. - source

The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) Was Originally Designed to Make Sure The Super Wealthy Paid Their Fair Share (Top 155 Households). It Now Impacts 3.9 Million Tax Payers. - source

Nick Hogan's reckless driving victim (severe brain damage) received a settlement of less than $5 million. The US tax payers are currently paying the medical bills for the drag racing accident that Hulk Hogan's son caused and will be for life.

Civic leaders in Cleveland contributed over $65 million tax payer dollars to fund the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. - source

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John Caudwell, Founder of Phones4U is The UKs biggest Tax Payer, paying over £200million in the last 5 years

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Alcohol misuse in Ireland is fuelling a growing health and crime crisis that is costing an estimated €3.7billion a year in health, crime/public order and other costs such as work-place absenteeism. Meanwhile, alcohol-related harms cost each tax payer in Ireland an estimated €3,318 a year.

Tennessee instituted a tax on illegal drugs, and then had to refund the payers up to 3.7 million dollars in tax refunds when the "Crack Tax" was overturned.

The Australian Labor Party was assisting Bernie Sanders' campaign using Australian Tax Payer money and in violation of US campaign laws

That, as a tax Canadian tax payer, I am paying for Trannies to shave and cut their balls off. Hurray! :)

Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria stands to make $1 billion dollars in profit once he sells the Marlins. Meanwhile, tax payers will be on the hook for $2 billion in financing costs for the next 40 years for the Marlins' stadium Loria pushed to build.

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Those "voluntary" military tributes at American sporting events are paid for by tax payers

Illegal immigrants cost U.S. tax payers $113 billion per year

British tax-payers only stopped paying 19th Slave-owners in 2005!

Federal Agents raided Goodwill in an investigation about it's use of AbilityOne funds, a tax payer funded program to employ disabled workers.

American tax payers foot the bill for prisoners while private prisons provide cheap labor to corporations and make a huge profit.

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Collectively, men are tax payers and women are tax consumers.

It's Less Expensive for the Tax-Payer to Give Homeless People Housing than to Leave Them on the Street

American tax payers have been paying for millions of dollars to rebuild Iraq with facilities they can't even run due to insufficient training or care to continue operating because they don't think there's any value in it.

Cities with the largest police departments paid out a quarter of a billion dollars in settlements in 2014, up almost 50% since 2010. Those same cities paid out over $1 billion over that 5 year period in cases that involved alleged shootings, beatings and wrongful imprisonment. Tax Payer Funded.

All Canadians with taxable income receive generous tax credits subsidized by tax payers when they donate to Canada’s political parties. For example, a donation of $500 costs you $150.50, 50% for the next $350 you donate and 33% for 1/3 of the rest

Obese people cost the U.S. tax payer 190 billion dollars in 2005!

There are people in Florida, and potentially other states, who are supplied with 10 joints a day, approximately 300 a month, at the expense of tax payer money to treat their ailments.

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