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Infamous streaker, Mark Roberts, was sponsored by to streak Super Bowl 38. He was paid $1 million, given front row tickets on the 50-yard line, and provided with one of the best defense attorneys in the US who was able to reduce his charges down to a misdemeanor and $1,000 fine.

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Before the Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show, the show coordinator asked Prince if he'd be alright performing in the downpour.. to which Prince responded "Can you make it rain harder?"

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  1. Actress Kate Mara is the great-granddaughter of both Tim Mara (founder of the NY Giants) and Art Rooney (founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers). Her acting contracts have a clause stating that if any of these teams make it to the Super Bowl, she will attend the game before work.

  2. In 1972, President Richard Nixon called Miami Dolphins head coach Don Shula before the Super Bowl and recommended he run a certain play. The week prior, he reportedly did the same thing with the Washington Redskins. Both teams ran the plays he suggested; both plays failed. Both teams lost.

  3. In 1991 the Junipero Serra High School football team was so bad they failed to score a touchdown or win a game yet they never tried starting the backup quarterback. That backup QB they never started is 5-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady.

  4. Arizona lost its chance to host the 1990 Super Bowl after its voters refused to make MLK Jr. Day a state holiday

  5. After Janet Jackson's incident at the Super Bowl halftime show, Viacom retaliated by keeping her music off their properties including MTV, VH1, and radio stations. They also rescinded her invitation to the Grammys. Justin Timberlake was still allowed to go and actually picked up some awards.

  6. The 90s sketch comedy show “In Living Color” drew away 22% of Super Bowl XXVI’s viewers during its halftime show by doing a special live episode of their own, which is why subsequent Super Bowls got A-List performers and dropped the previous themed marching band format.

  7. Green Bay Packers wide receiver Max McGee didn't expect to play in the first Super Bowl in 1967. He showed up hungover and without his helmet. He ended up making a one-handed catch to score the game's first touchdown

  8. Super Bowl performers have a strict 12 minute time limit so most performers try and squeeze as much as they can in that given time frame. Not Michael Jackson. After exploding onto stage, he stood still, staring at the world for 90 seconds.

  9. In the 1960s, Wham-O made a "giant" Super Ball, roughly the size of a bowling ball, and dropped it from a 23rd story window as a promotional stunt. It destroyed a parked car on the second bounce.

  10. A North Carolina man owns the only known recording of Super Bowl I, as CBS and NBC didn't save it. The NFL countered his $1 million offer for the taping with $30,000, then later refused to buy it at all, yet warned him he'll face legal action if he sells it to anyone else.

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Super Bowl Results by Who Your Team is Named After

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Super Bowl Running Backs Rush Tendencies

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The Super Bowl has required national anthem vocals to be pre-recorded since 1993 when Garth Brooks declined to pre-record and then refused to sing live until a dispute over debuting a music video during the game could be settled, resulting in a delayed kickoff.

Domino's Pizza stated that its pizza delivery sales during the televised chase of OJ Simpson were as large as on Super Bowl Sunday. - source

The Junípero Serra High School JV football team recorded a historically bad season in which they failed to win a game or even score a touchdown yet they never attempted to start their backup quarterback. That backup quarterback they refused to start is 4 time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady. - source

In 1972, President Richard Nixon called Miami Dolphins head coach Don Shula before the Super Bowl and recommended he run a certain play. The week prior, he reportedly did the same thing with the Washington Redskins. Both teams ran the plays he suggested; both plays failed. Both teams lost.

Kate Mara has a clause in her film contracts that allows her to attend the Super Bowl if either the Steelers or the Giants make it on account of her mother's family owning the Steelers and her father's owning the Giants. - source

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In the 1989 season, Deion Sanders became the only person in the history of Earth to score a home run in the MLB in the same week as scoring a touchdown in the NFL. He is also the only person to have ever participated in both a World Series and the Super Bowl.

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In 2014, during the Super Bowl and Puppy Bowl, Nat Geo Wild showed the "Fish Bowl", a 4 hour clip of a goldfish swimming in a bowl

Domino's Pizza's delivery sales during the televised O.J. Simpson chase were as large as on Super Bowl Sunday

When Arizona voted against creating a state holiday for MLK in 1990, Public Enemy made a protest single "When I Get to Arizona," that led to the 1993 Super Bowl being relocated, the cancellation of thousands of conventions, and an estimated loss of $350 million in tourism.

Kurt Warner was cut from the NFL and got a job at a grocery store in Iowa. Four years later, at 27, Warner would lead the St. Louis Rams to their only Super Bowl Championship, setting several league records, as well as being the only player in history to win the NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP

Old Spice put a real phone number in a commercial and gave away Super Bowl tickets to the first two callers.

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Super Bowl winning QB's and their career length

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Viewership of Super Bowl 2017 vs FIFA World Cup 2014

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There are still 4 teams in the NFL that, in 50 years, have never once been to a Super Bowl.

John Matuszak known as Sloth from "The Goonies" was a #1 Overall Pick in the NFL Draft and won 2 Super Bowls with the Oakland Raiders.

Because the NFL owns and enforces the trademark for the term "Super Bowl," almost all ads and commercial uses will instead reference "The Big Game" or something similar. Colbert even used "The Supurb Owl" in 2014.

Next year's Super Bowl (2016) will use the Arabic numeral 50 instead of Roman Numeral L because L would not be aesthetically pleasing

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The NFL tried to sue rapper M.I.A. for 100% of her earnings for life (if she ever earned over U.S. $2million) because she flipped a middle finger at the 2012 super bowl halftime show.

After her Super Bowl performance, Katy Perry's lawyers tried (unsuccessfully) to copyright and trademark 'Left Shark'

A Louisianan man won a gallon of Old Granddad bourbon whiskey in a barroom bet during the Saints first football game in 1967. His family honored his wish after he passed of only opening it once the Saints made it to the Super Bowl, 43 years later.

Rocky Bleier, an NFL football player with the Pittsburgh Steelers who was drafted into the US Army and served in Vietnam. Badly wounded in a leg and foot by a grenade, he needed four years to return to the team's roster, but became a star and helped the Steelers win four Super Bowls.

Dominos claimed its delivery sales during the televised police chase of Oj Simpson were as high as they were on Super Bowl Sunday.

When the Super Bowl and the Presidential Inauguration conflicted, the President did the coin toss ceremony for the Super Bowl and had his public inauguration the next day.

Super bowl halftime shows are such big productions because in 1992 Fox aired an episode of In Living Color. The show drew over 22 million viewers away from the Super Bowl and led the league to consider top performers in subsequent years.

The NFL moved the 1993 Super Bowl from Arizona because they refuse to make Martin Luther King day an official state holiday

When the Saints won their Super Bowl the first thing shouted in the locker room was ‘It’s the fuckin’ Catalina Wine Mixer!’ from Step Brothers.

Arabic numbers, instead of Roman Numerals are being used for the first time in 45 years at this year's Super Bowl 50, due to the fact that the NFL deemed the Roman Numeral "L" not as aesthetically pleasing

In 2009, Miller High Life bought one second of commercial time for the Super Bowl and saw sales go up 8.6%

Before Joe Montana led a 92 yard game-winning drive in the Super Bowl, he was so calm in the huddle that he noticed John Candy in the stands.

The actor who played Sloth in The Goonies was selected first overall in 1973 NFL draft and went on to win two Super Bowls with the Oakland Raiders

A die hard football fan ran onto the field during a game and was sentenced to serve his jail time during the Super Bowl. He was also ordered not to watch or listen to the game.

Aaron Lewis messed up the national anthem at the Major League World Series in 2014, but it was also him that mocked Christina Aguilera for messing up the national anthem in 2011 at the Super Bowl

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