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Alex Smith took so many AP tests in high school that he entered university as a junior. The quarterback received his bachelor's degree in two years, and began working on a master's degree, before becoming the first overall pick in the 2005 NFL draft.

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NFL defensive tackle Amobi Okoye is the youngest player ever to play in the NFL. After testing into 9th grade at 12 and graduating at 16, he chose to play NCAA football at Louisville (though he was accepted to Harvard) before graduating early and being drafted by the Texans at the age of 19.

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  1. Out of 1.086 million high school football players, only 70,147 begin a college football career, out of which only 6500 get scouted by the NFL, 350 get invited to the combine, 256 get drafted and only 150 (0.01%) last at least four years in the NFL.

  2. John Matuszak known as Sloth from "The Goonies" was a #1 Overall Pick in the NFL Draft and won 2 Super Bowls with the Oakland Raiders.

  3. Terry Crews was drafted in the 11th round of the NFL Draft by the St. Louis Rams and played in the NFL for 5 years before starting his acting career.

  4. The NFL players given the Wonderlic Test (a test given before entering the NFL Draft to measure intelligence) at least 19 in the last 37 years have scored below 10, meaning they are illiterate. 10 of those 19 graduated from a major university.

  5. Rocky Bleier, an NFL football player with the Pittsburgh Steelers who was drafted into the US Army and served in Vietnam. Badly wounded in a leg and foot by a grenade, he needed four years to return to the team's roster, but became a star and helped the Steelers win four Super Bowls.

  6. The 1st overall draft pick in the inaugural NFL draft ultimately decided not to play in the NFL, rejecting offers from two teams, to ultimately work for a rubber company

  7. The actor who played Sloth in The Goonies was selected first overall in 1973 NFL draft and went on to win two Super Bowls with the Oakland Raiders

  8. Bo Jackson was drafted in the first round of the '86 NFL draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but refused to sign because he believed that they tried to sabotage his baseball career by purposefully making him ineligible for his senior season.

  9. When he was in his 20's NBA legend Karl Malone impregnated a 13 year old. He never faced charges and refused child support for years. The son born to the 13 year old was drafted into the NFL in 2008

  10. John Matuszak, best known for playing Sloth in "The Goonies," was the first overall draft pick in the NFL in 1973 and won two championship rings with the Raiders.

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NFL Mock Draft Accuracy Over the Last Decade

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Quarterbacks in the NFL Draft 1967-Present

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The actor who played Sloth in The Goonies, John Matuszak, was the 1st pick of the 1st round of the '73 NFL draft, and is a two-time Super Bowl champion.

Tom Brady expected to be drafted by the third round of the 2000 NFL Draft. He and his family watched in shock as six other quarterbacks were drafted before him. Brady was still so traumatized—11 years & three Super Bowl wins later—that he cried while being interviewed about the experience. - source

Bob Timberlake, the worst kicker in NFL History (6.7%) was a first team All-American at the University of Michigan serving as team's QB, RB, Punter, and Kicker but was drafted as a kickoff specialist by the NY Giants where he missed all but 1 Field Goals, and concluded his NFL Career 1/15. - source

The USFL, a failed football league, was created to play in the off season of the NFL. It only lasted three seasons, with Dan Marino being the first ever drafted player.

The first player selected in the first ever NFL Draft (Jay Berwanger) never played in the NFL: "I didn't play pro because they weren't paying any money." Instead, he went to work for a rubber company. - source

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Eight years ago NFL draft expert Mel Kiper said he'd retire in eight years if Jimmy Clausen wasn't a successful NFL QB.

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Brandon Wheeden was a Major League Baseball player who quit baseball, decided to go back to college at Oklahoma State University and played quarterback, and then got drafted in the NFL.

Cincinnati Bengals punter Pat McInally was the only player to ever score a perfect 50 on the NFL's Wonderlic Cognitive Ability test. His score actually hurt his draft stock because it was believed that players who were intelligent would "challenge authority too much".

Bubba Smith, AKA Hightower from Police Academy, was diagnosed with CTE after death. He played 9 seasons in the NFL after being drafted first overall

Michael Oher declared in 2008 that he was entering the NFL draft in 2008 but only a few days later changed his mind. He decided to return to Ole Miss and finish his degree.

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Positions Taken in the NFL Draft 1936-2018 (alternate design)

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I analyzed Quarterback height in the NFL draft. The data suggests that tall QBs have been more likely to get drafted early and shorter QBs more likely to be selected in later round

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Actor John Wayne was selected by the Atlanta Falcons in the 1972 NFL draft. "Do we want the roughest, toughest S.O.B. in the draft?!" Everyone said yes and they called NFL headquarters and announced, "Atlanta picks John Wayne of Fort Apache State."

The last pick in the NFL draft gets a "The Lowsman Trophy" (a mimic of the decorated NCAA "The Heisman Trophy") which depicts a player fumbling a football.

David Sime, Christian McCaffrey's grandfather. He played college baseball, was drafted by the NFL, was the world's fastest sprinter, and was Richard Nixon's ophthalmologist.

The actor who played Sloth in The Goonies, John Matuszak, was the first overall pick in the 1973 NFL draft

Michael Sam, who in 2014 became the first openly gay player to be drafted by an NFL team retired from football for mental health reasons.

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The "Mr. Irrelevant Award" given every year to the player drafted last to the NFL. The trophy is similar to Heisman, but instead features a player fumbling a football.

The 1989 NFL Draft had 4 of its first 5 selections become Hall of Fame players. The exception, Offensive Tackle Tony Mandarich selected #2 overall by the Green Bay Packers, is considered one of the biggest draft busts in NFL history.

Before his death at the age of 29 due to dermatomyositis, Ricky Bell, the #1 overall draft pick from the 1977 NFL Draft befriended an impaired child who could barley walk or talk and inspired him to win the silver medal in Track at the 1996 Paralympics

Baseball Hall of Famer Dave Winfield was drafted by 4 teams in 3 Major League Sports coming out of college in 1973 (MLB: Padres, NBA: Hawks, ABA: Stars, NFL: Vikings)

In the 1979 NFL draft, there was so much publicity towards "Mr. Irrelevant", the last pick of the draft, that the Los Angeles Rams and Pittsburgh Steelers, who had the last two picks, kept refusing to pick first until the commissioner made them choose.

Olympic athlete Carl Lewis was drafted in the 1984 NFL and NBA drafts

The purported namesake of the NFL's Washington Redskins, William Henry "Lone Star" Dietz, was actually an impostor whom the FBI jailed in 1919 for evading the WWI draft and stealing the identity of a missing American Indian.

In the 1974 NFL Draft, The Pittsburgh Steelers drafted four future Pro Football Hall of Fame players - Lynn Swann, Jack Lambert, John Stallworth and Mike Webster - in the first five rounds.

Angry New York Jets fans booed the team when it selected the obscure QB Ken O'Brien instead of future Hall of Famer Dan Marino in the 1983 NFL Draft. O'Brien later said "Heck, some of my cousins grew up as Jets fans. They were probably doing the same thing".

In the last 20 Years (1998-2018), Only 8 Players Taken Number 1 Overall in the MLB, NBA, and NFL Draft Combined Have Won a Championship in Their Respective League.

Jay Berwanger was the first Heisman Trophy winner as well as the first player to ever be drafted by the National Football League. He never played a single game in the NFL, choosing to remain amateur for the Olympics which he also didn't compete in. He used his Heisman Trophy as a doorstop.

Bo Jackson was selected with the first overall pick by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 1986 NFL draft, but he refused to sign with them because he believed that they sabotaged his college baseball career.

Before being drafted to the NFL, John Elway played for the class A affiliate of the NY Yankees. In 42 games, he hit .318 and led the team in RBI.

The first African American drafted by an NFL team was George Taliaferro. In college, at Indiana University, he led the team in rushing, passing and punting at various points in his career.

NFL draft prospect Brad Kaaya's mom was Felisha in 'Friday'

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