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The famous photo of Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue was taken on his 72nd birthday when he was asked by a photographer to smile for the camera. After smiling a dozen times for previous photos that day, he playfully stuck out his tongue instead.

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Sticking out or biting your tongue helps you concentrate by stopping the brain from needing to control the tongues movement and position.

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  1. Cats "Blep," or stick their tongue out when they are further analyzing interesting scents.

  2. In the movie "Seven Years in Tibet," the entire village sticking their tongue out at Brad Pit is based on an actual and polite greeting, derived from showing you're not the reincarnation of 9th century Tibetan king, Lang Darma, who was considered evil and had a black tongue.

  3. One of the great myths of epilepsy is that someone having a seizure will swallow their tongue. This is not possible. It is never advisable to stick something in someone's mouth when they are having a seizure as this can result in broken teeth or even their jaw.

  4. Unlike alligators, crocodiles' tongues are attached to the roof of their mouth. So an alligator can stick out its tongue, but a crocodile cannot.

  5. They used a vacuum to "stick" Flick's tongue to the flagpole in the 1983 movie classice A Christmas Story

  6. The four extrinsic muscles in the tongue are responsible for allowing the tongue to change its position. These muscles are attached to bone. When you stick your tongue out you are using extrinsic muscles.

  7. In most countries it is considered rude to stick one's tongue out. In Tibet this is not the case. In Tibet it is considered a greeting to stick out one's tongue.

  8. You stick you tongue out when concentrating to reduce the amount of brain power it uses

  9. Due to a membrane holding it in place, a crocodile can't stick its tongue out.

  10. "Akanbe" is the Japanese gesture of pulling the eyelid down and sticking out your tongue

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The inspiration for Michael Jordan sticking out his tongue came from watching his father do the same while he worked. When Michael Jordan's father was fixing things around the house, he'd stick out his tongue

Einstein was born on Pi Day, which is also the same day the famous picture of him sticking out his tongue was taken. - source

When an anteater yawns they stick their tongue out - source

Canada and Ottawa both have more bilingual residents than ever before. For people with English as a mother tongue, bilingualism often doesn’t stick. Outside Quebec, anglophones who develop the ability to conduct a conversation in French usually learn it in school, between the ages of five and 19

Japanese stick out their tongues to pronounce "L". - source

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If you're teasing a crocodile by sticking your tongue out at it, it can't return the favour because it can't move its tongue. A crocodile's tongue is held in place with a membrane.

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Crocodiles are unable to stick out their tongues

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