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Wilbur Wright (the older of the Wright Brothers) got his teeth knocked out at age 18, changing the course of his future. The boy who knocked his teeth out, Oliver Cook Haugh, grew up to become a notorious Midwest serial killer.

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When James Dean was a child he had an accident in a barn and knocked out his front teeth. He had to wear a dental bridge and as an adult used to prank people by putting his bridge in their drinking glass.

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  1. Orville Wright had all his upper teeth knocked out in a Hockey Game. Which lead to three years of isolation due to his disfigured face. His reading during this time lead him down the path of discovering flight. The boy who hit him became a notorious serial killer. 50:00 mark.

  2. San Francisco Seals catcher Joe Sprinz attempted to catch a baseball dropped from a blimp 800 feet in the air, but the force of the ball hit his glove with such impact that it broke 12 bones in his upper jaw, fractured 5 teeth, and knocked him out cold.

  3. Late drummer of "The Who" Keith Moon celebrated his 21st birthday in a Flint, MI Holiday Inn. He proceeded to drive a car into the hotel swimming pool, as well as accidentally slipping on birthday cake and knocking out his front teeth.

  4. Las Vegas casino manager Carl Cohen became a local folk hero after he knocked the caps off Frank Sinatra's front teeth.

  5. The Code of Hammurabi has one particular law that dictates - "If a man knocks out the teeth of his equal, his teeth shall be knocked out."

  6. If your teeth gets knocked out, a good idea is to transport it to the dentist in a glass of milk.

  7. If you knock out your front teeth you can place them back in your gums and rescue them!

  8. A man once got his teeth knocked out with a dildo

  9. Walton Goggins knocked out his front teeth twice as a kid

  10. Infamous Paparazzo Ron Galella once had his jaw broken and 5 teeth knocked out by a punch from Marlon Brando. Galello wore a football helmet the next time he followed Brando.

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When Green Day's bassist Mike Dirnt famously had his front teeth knocked out at Woodstock '94, it was after throwing a punch at a security guard backstage (and missing). Apparently it was covered up?

During the filming of John Huston’s 'Beat The Devil' Humphrey Bogart was in a serious car accident and had several teeth knocked out. When he was unable to provide some of his dialogue Peter Sellers was hired to dub his voice. It remains undetected in the movie to this day. - source

If you knock your teeth out. It's best to replant it yourself back into its socket as soon as possible. - source

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