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Mileva Maric, Albert Einstein's first wife, was one of the first female physicists in the world. There is evidence she contributed greatly to Einstein's research, including his theory of special relativity. Einstein once said, "She solves for me all my mathematical problems."

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Gold is yellow, unlike its grey neighbors on the periodic table, due to Einstein's special relativity: the electrons are moving so fast, some over half the speed of light, that they have relativistic contraction, shifting the wavelength of light absorbed to blue and thus reflecting a golden glow

According to the special theory of relativity what is the fourth dimension?

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  1. Because Iceland is a remote country with a population of 320,000 where most everyone is distantly related, Icelanders have a special dating app that warns them if a potential partner is too closely related

  2. In Norway Easter is known for “Påskekrim” (Easter Crime), when just about everyone in Norway reads crime novels, television and radio stations run crime serials, and newspapers publish special crime related literary supplements.

  3. Einstein won the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics not for his work on the famous E=mcˆ2 equation or special relativity, but for his work on the photoelectric effect; an effect that forms the basis of photosynthesis.

  4. Suicides news can affect people with depression, specially if the suicidal was a relative or someone famous. The suicide rate has increased by 10% after the death of Robin Williams.

  5. Gold's yellow colour is an effect of special relativity on its electrons

  6. Due to their high speed and position in orbit, GPS satellites must take into account Einstein's theories of general relativity and special relativity, which together determine that a time dilation of +38 microseconds occurs. This needs to be corrected for in order to maintain GPS accuracy.

  7. Albert Einstein did not list a single reference when he published his most well known paper on special relativity.

  8. Acheson's State Department published a 1949 report titled United States Relations with China with Special Reference to the Period 1944-1949. Covering more than 1,000 pages, the report essentially stated that China was "lost" and nothing the United States did could stop it from staying communist.

  9. A boy named Ryan chester won $250,000 for Explanation Of Einstein’s Special Theory Of Relativity.

  10. In 1905 the Annals of Physics published three of Albert Einstein's papers on special relativity.

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What is the difference between special relativity and general relativity?

Why is special relativity called special?

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Due to special relativity, if we could make a spaceship that could travel indefinitely at earth-like acceleration (1g), we could travel to Andromeda galaxy in 28.6 years.

Flat earth believers use special relativity to explain gravity but reject basic astronomy - source

In a single year in 1905 at age 26, Einstein authored 4 papers dubbed the "Annus Mirabilis (extraordinary year) Papers." They were about the Photoelectric Effect, Brownian Motion, Special Relativity, and Mass-Energy Equivilence. These papers are considered the foundation of modern physics. - source

Astronauts Scott Kelly and Mark Kelly wound up testing the "Twin paradox" in space. Scott, became even younger by milliseconds due to his stay on the ISS as special relativity overpowered general relativity

Albert Einstein discovered the theories of general and special relativity at age 26, not at an old age like many pictures depict - source

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In 1967, Ohio began to issue special license plates to DUI offenders who are granted limited driving privileges such as work-related driving until a court can rule that they can have full privileges back.

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So many Americans are injured due to bagels each year, emergency rooms have a special code for them, BRI (Bagel-Related Incident).

That, during a hostage crisis in 1985, Russian special forces took the kidnappers' relatives as hostages, dismembered them and sent their body parts to the kidnappers as a negotiation/intimidation trick.

Maintaining GPS satellites requires both General AND Special relativity calculations

Dalì's The Persistence of Memory is actually about Albert Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity

Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity is called "Special" because fails to take account of gravity.

When was special relativity proved?

The US government employs a full-time project manager to coordinate risk management plans, environmental impact statements, environmental assessments, special recreation permits, and other logistics and bureaucracy related to the annual Burning Man gathering

The Weather Channel's schedule only includes five programs about current weather conditions versus 17 long-form shows that are categorized as documentaries, reality shows, specials or other programs loosely related to weather.

Einstein came up with the Theory of Special Relativity after daydreaming about chasing a light beam

A small marsupial related to kangaroos,the Long-footed potoroo,which feed mainly on fungi,with a "special taste" for fungal spores

Albert Einstein won a Nobel prize for "... [the]discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect" not for his discovery of general or special theories of relativity.

How does special relativity work?

In Einstein's Special and General Relativity - terms "Special" and "General" are distinguishing two class of observers. Whereas Special refers to observers in uniform motion with respect to an observer in inertial frame, General is used to include observers in all kinds of accelerated motion.

Special intelligence Unit 9900 is dedicated to everything related to geography, including mapping, interpretation of aerial and satellite photographs and space research. The uniqueness of Unit 9900 lies in the fact that they are all diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

Astronomers thought a planet name Vulcan existed between Mercury and the Sun. Vulcan's existence was disproved by Albert Einstein's special theory of relativity.

Special and general relativity -- Einstein's theories that collectively unify space and time into spacetime and explain gravity -- came out before it was even known light had a particle-like nature.

The Special Delegate of North Korea's Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries is Spanish.

Special relativity's time dilation & length contraction can be derived directly from the Pythagorean theorem

Due to Einstein's special relativity, Usain Bolt's 100m final at the 2012 Olympics would have been 5 quadrillionths of a second quicker to him than the rest of us.

Transworld is the annual trade show for haunted house operators, specializing in animatronics. Everything is for sale, but you must show proof that you own or represent a Halloween-related business to attend.

South Korea wanted to assassinate Kim Il Sung and made a special unit to kill him, but after some good relations between North-South Korea the Unit was called off and the Unit members revolted against South Korea

Albert Einstein’s Sci-Fi Stories, and how they may have inspired one of the conjectures that led to his special theory of relativity.

Thermodynamics need some small modifications to agree with special relativity.

Some things in the universe do move faster than light, while still adhering to Einstein's theory of special relativity

Extra-special relativity is a modification of the theory of special relativity

The children's cartoon "Veggietales" is a show on Netflix with themes in each episode that relate to Biblical principles such as forgiveness, compassion and generosity. Every show ends with "Remember kids, God made you special and He loves you very much!"

Nothing travels faster than light because, according to the Einsteins Theory of Special Relativity as the speed of an object increases it's mass also increases and thus the force that is increased does not allow the body to achieve the accelaration necessary for such speed

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