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Gravity moves at the Speed of Light and is not Instantaneous. If the Sun were to disappear, we would continue our elliptical orbit for an additional 8 minutes and 20 seconds, the same time it would take us to stop seeing the light (according to General Relativity).

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Hu Yaobang, whose funeral triggered the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, wanted to have Tibetans and Uyghurs govern themselves, supported improved Sino-Japanese relations, investigated party nepotism/corruption, and was forced to resign as General Secretary for not silencing student protests

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  1. Karl Schwarzschild who, in the same year Einstein introduced general relativity, provided the first exact mathematical solution to general relativity whilst on the front lines of World War I

  2. Actor Christopher Lee was a cousin of James Bond author Ian Fleming and a relative of American general Robert E. Lee.

  3. There is a constant in physics that is dimensionless and unitless, connects electromagnetics to general relativity to quantum mechanics, and there is no theoretical foundation for its existence - it just shows up in measurements.

  4. The core of the Earth is about 2.5 years younger than the crust. This is due to gravitational time dilation, a consequence of General Relativity

  5. We actually have photographs showing entire star systems being warped in space-time by immense gravitational force. These Gravitational Lenses appear to us a circular bubble of stars and galaxies, and prove Einstein's Theory of General Relativity.

  6. Even though physicists have confirmed every prediction made by the general relativity and quantum theories, they are mutually incompatible for very small or very massive objects. Therefore a framework revealing a deeper underlying reality must be discovered in order to unify the two theories.

  7. When Albert Einstein published his Theory of General Relativity, the New York Times sent their golfing correspondent to interview him.

  8. Georg Alexander Pick, mathematician who helped Einstein on general relativity, died in a concentration camp

  9. In the 1800s there were numerous incorrect reports of a planet named 'Vulcan' until the planet was finally disproved in 1915 by Einstein's Theory of General Relativity

  10. In 1801, Johann Georg von Soldner theorized that starlight would 'bend around' the sun. Einstein calculated how much it bends in 1911 (and was accused of plagiarism) before publishing his general theory of relativity in 1915.

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What is the difference between special relativity and general relativity?

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general relativity fact data chart about Number of people voting in each state in India's 2019 Genera
Number of people voting in each state in India's 2019 General elections, relative to the population of other countries.

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The "Troxler Effect," which fades out features that a person is not directly staring out, filling it in with what's around the general area, and may explain the origin of mirror-related horrors like Bloody Mary

Due to their high speed and position in orbit, GPS satellites must take into account Einstein's theories of general relativity and special relativity, which together determine that a time dilation of +38 microseconds occurs. This needs to be corrected for in order to maintain GPS accuracy. - source

The idea of a "dark star," a star whose gravity is so massive that light cannot escape it, was proposed in 1783 by geologist John Michell, more than 125 years prior to the publication of Einstein's general theory of relativity. - source

The term "Goomba" as used in the Mario games is actually a slang term for an Italian male. Generally it is said in relation with gangs and the Mafia.

GPSs have to correct for Einstein's theory of general relativity to work correctly since time passes by slower for them then it does for us. - source

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Oliver Stone's Alexander (2004) displayed time relatively (as in "30 years earlier") because they didn't think that general audiences would understand that for dates with BC, a later time has a lesser number

According to general relativity how is time affected by gravity?

One of his pivotal topics that launched him into scientific celebrity status was for the theory of general relativity, the Earth's sun would bend light traveling from other solar systems due to its gravitational pull.

On the Japanese copy of the Instrument of Surrender, Canadian signee Colonel Cosgrave accidentally signed below the signature line instead of above it. General Sutherland had to cross-out and re-write the Allied nation names in their relative position.

Albert Einstein discovered the theories of general and special relativity at age 26, not at an old age like many pictures depict

Astronauts Scott Kelly and Mark Kelly wound up testing the "Twin paradox" in space. Scott, became even younger by milliseconds due to his stay on the ISS as special relativity overpowered general relativity

Up to Einstein's general relativity advent, scientists believed that another planet was orbiting around the Sun, before Mercury: Vulcan

When was general relativity proved?

A catholic priest (using Einstein’s general relativity) was first to theorize Big Bang. George LeMaitre

In 1970 Hawking and Penrose published a proof that the universe started as a singularity using the general theory of relativity.

The Great Debate between astronomers in 1920 on whether the Andromeda nebula was inside or outside the Milky Way. We knew about General Relativity before we knew whether the Universe has galaxies other than our own.

The word 'catholic' (lower case) is an adjective that means 'of universal or general interest,' meaning it could technically be used as a general, non-church related descriptor if one so chose.

How are black holes related to the theory of general relativity?

In 1973 he co-authored Gravitation, which remains the standard text on general relativity theory.

Theoretical astronomy is conducted with the use of analytical models to study topics such as stellar dynamics, galaxy formation, cosmic ray origins, matter in the universe, evolution, general relativity, and astroparticle physics.

Physicist Frank Tipler found that the laws of general relativity allowed for a time machine built from an infinitely long rotating cylinder

Maintaining GPS satellites requires both General AND Special relativity calculations

Charles Stratton AKA General Tom Thumb was a diminutive relation who worked for PT Barnum, and became an internationally acclaimed stage performer. He is credited with changing the perception of “freak shows”, which were previously seen as base work, and they soon after became highly popular.

Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize in Physics not for General Relativity, but for the discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect.

The 1919 solar eclipse and how it proved general relativity. It brought Einstein from relative obscurity to a household name the world over

Ernst Mach (for whom Mach numbers are named; Mach 1 = the speed of sound) was cited by Einstein as providing a partial foundation for the theory of general relativity, but Mach himself rejected both general relativity and the concept of the atom

David Hilbert submitted some of the equations of General Theory of Relativity 5 days before Einstein but it had some flaws. (some controversy about this)

Pulsars (Neutron star that looks like flickering star) have been used to test aspects of Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity, such as the universal force of gravity.

Albert Einstein won a Nobel prize for "... [the]discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect" not for his discovery of general or special theories of relativity.

After publishing his work on General Relativity Einstein solved the Tea Leaf Paradox.

In Einstein's Special and General Relativity - terms "Special" and "General" are distinguishing two class of observers. Whereas Special refers to observers in uniform motion with respect to an observer in inertial frame, General is used to include observers in all kinds of accelerated motion.

Einstein inserted a cosmological constant into his theory of general relativity to force the equations to agree with the thinking of physicists at the time that the Universe was static. He called this the greatest blunder of his life. It may have been correct after all.

In General Relativity, time is treated as a dimension. Events can be experienced at different times by different observers & that spacetime is affected by motion.

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