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Karl Schwarzschild who, in the same year Einstein introduced general relativity, provided the first exact mathematical solution to general relativity whilst on the front lines of World War I

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The Schwartzschild radius, the radius of a black holes event horizon based on its mass, is a great example of nominative determinism - named after Karl Schwarzschild who's surname means 'Black Shield'

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  1. Karl Schwarzschild who came up with the first set of solutions to the Einstein Equations did so while serving as an artillery officer on the Russian front during WWI

  2. Albert Einstein, a few months after producing the equations for general relativity, (E = mc²), found the notion of a black hole so preposterous, an idea proposed by German physicist Karl Schwarzschild, that Einstein devoted an entire research paper to debunking it.

  3. Einstien did not at first believe that black holes were a thing when they were first proposed by Karl Schwarzschild.

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