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When you snap your finger, it moves 20 mph.

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The sound that comes from snapping your fingers comes from your finger hitting your palm, not from the friction of the thumb and finger snapping.

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  1. Despite their reputation, there are no proven cases of a common snapping turtle biting someone's finger or toe off

  2. The sound made when snapping your fingers is the sound of your middle finger slapping your palm and not the sound of your middle finger and thumb quickly rubbing past one another.

  3. A Male Cicada Will Follow Your Snapping Fingers And Sing Because It Sounds Like A Female Cicada Snapping Its Wings

  4. The sound of snapping your finger comes from your finger hitting your palm, and not from your fingers rubbing together.

  5. The sound of a finger snap actually comes from your middle finger striking the little gap where your ring finger and palm meet.

  6. Most of the sound when you snap your fingers comes from rapid compression/decompression of air and not from your thumb hitting your palm.

  7. The noise from snapping your fingers actually comes from the middle finger striking the palm, not from its release from the index finger.

  8. In Avengers Endgame [SPOILER] originally Tony just silently snapped his fingers. The editor suggested he end with "I am Iron Man" and they reshot the scene.

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What does snapping your fingers mean?

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The sound made when snapping your fingers is from your middle finger hitting your palm, not the friction between your middle finger and thumb - source

The noise made from snapping your fingers is actually your middle finger hitting your palm. @frazercb - source

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