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In Japan, their phone's camera shutter sound cannot be muted.

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In 1946, a man claiming to be a detective gave a pedestrian a camera and asked her to take a picture of a suspect. The "detective" turned out to be a gangster, the "suspect" turned out to be his ex-wife, and the "camera" turned out to be a concealed shotgun firing via the shutter button.

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  1. In Japan, the shutter sound of iPhone cameras cannot be switched off--even in silent mode--because the Japanese are so afraid of perverts taking upskirts in the subways

  2. To attract mates, the Lyre Bird imitates all manners of birdcalls and does such a good job that it often fools the birds it's imitating. During a documentary it also perfectly mimicked a camera shutter, a car alarm, and the sound of a chainsaw from woodcutters working nearby.

  3. Physicist Bernard Waldman witnessed the bombing of Hiroshima, as a camera operator on the observation aircraft. He was equipped with a special high-speed movie camera with six seconds of film to record the blast. Unfortunately, Waldman forgot to open the camera shutter, and no film was exposed.

  4. The Photorevolver, a camera hidden inside a non-functional firearm invented in 1882, which allowed the user to pull the “gun’s” trigger to close the camera’s shutter. Only 14 photorevolvers were built, with only a handful thought to survive today, with prices between $50,000 and $120,000.

  5. The Australian Lyrebird can impersonate practically anything he hears to catch the attention of a possible mate, even going as far as making a camera shutter noise or a chainsaw taking a tree down.

  6. The practice of making new technology resemble old technology (your phone's camera having an SLR shutter sound, digital notepads looking like yellow legal paper) is called Skeuomorphism.

  7. The Lyle Bird, who can impersonate 20+ other bird species, and other sounds around it such as car alarms, camera shutters, and chainsaws

  8. The lyrebird, who can accurately mimic instruments, crying babies, human voices, construction tools, camera shutters, car alarms, and more.

  9. Cameras work by collecting the light from the image in the viewer and turning it into a permanent photograph. When taking a picture the photographer presses a button which opens the camera shutter for a brief moment. It collects the light on the camera lens, film, or sensor, creating an image.

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In 1881, to promote new photograph technology, a mule's head was strapped with dynamite and detonated in time with the camera shutter

A blurry photograph occurs when the camera moves while the shutter is open.

The Superb Liar bird can imitate virtually any sound, including other bird species, car alarms, a camera shutter and motor, even a chain saw and falling trees. - source

On Japanese iPhones, the camera shutter sound is always on to prevent creeps taking creepy photos.

In Korea, camera shutter sounds on phones are required by law. - source

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Japan has laws set in place to force phone manufacturers to disable the ability to turn the shutter on the camera off, to discourage voyeurs from taking upskirt photos.

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The reason for Rolling Shutter distortion, (Why airplane propellers look like boomerangs instead of propellers) is because the cell phone camera scans the image like a photocopier, instead of exposing the image all at once.

About a type of bird that mimics the noises it hears (from other birds to car alarms and camera shutters) and incorporates them into a complex "song"

There is a bird that can mimic the sound of other species of birds, as well as a chainsaw, car alarm, camera shutter, etc.

"rolling shutter," which describes the sampling pattern acquired by CMOS sensors, also describes a literal feature of modern SLR cameras that use a physical rolling shutter to control exposures faster than the CMOS can handle.

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A camera doesn't actually capture an image in an instant, but scans across the whole scene. This can cause something known as the rolling shutter effect

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