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Scottie" from Star Trek was Lieutenant James Doohan who was shot by machine-gun on D-Day. One bullet blew off his finger, 4 struck his leg and 1 hit him in the chest. A silver cigarette case stopped the bullet to the chest. He later joked it was the only time being a smoker saved his life

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British RAF pilot Walter Anderson and observer John Mitchell were hit by Soviet Anti-Aircraft fire but still landed, rescued two other British pilots, and then took off again with Mitchell hanging on the wing and his fingers plugging their leaking fuel tank.

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what to do after hitting finger with hammer?

  1. The sound that comes from snapping your fingers comes from your finger hitting your palm, not from the friction of the thumb and finger snapping.

  2. The sound of snapping your finger comes from your finger hitting your palm, and not from your fingers rubbing together.

  3. The noise from a finger snap sound comes from the middle finger hitting the meat of the palm near the base of the thumb at speed... NOT from the friction between the digits.

  4. Canadian band Finger Eleven were aware of their hit song "Paralyzer" being similar to Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out", by covering part of it during live performances.

  5. Most of the sound when you snap your fingers comes from rapid compression/decompression of air and not from your thumb hitting your palm.

  6. The noise made from snapping your fingers is actually your middle finger hitting your palm. @frazercb

  7. The sound made when snapping your fingers is from your middle finger hitting your palm, not the friction between your middle finger and thumb

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