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Sidney Crosby wears number 87, was born on 8/7/87, and makes $8.7 million a year

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Sidney Crosby is the first of the 26 Players in the 'Triple Gold Club' to have captained all 3 teams

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  1. Though not uncommon for a rookie NHL player to live at a team mate's home when they first arrive in the city, Sidney Crosby lived with Mario Lemieux and his family for five seasons

  2. Sidney Crosby did not shoot "in" his dryer but rather in a net that was in front of it. He happened to miss and that's why the machine was so banged up.

  3. Sidney Crosby has been to only one NHL All-Star Game in his 10+ career

  4. Sidney Crosby popped in to sign a jersey he passed by hanging outside someone's house.

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