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The reason why NASA (and later the Russians) use a specialised space pen instead of pencil in space is because the graphite of pencils is conductive and can cause short circuits and even fires. The pens have been used since the Apollo era and are still being used right now on the ISS.

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There was an octopus in an aquarium that juggled its tankmates, smashed aquarium glass by throwing rocks, and caused short circuits by shooting a jet of water at a lamp.

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  1. In a 60's government funded LSD study, "26 men unleashed a slew of widely embraced innovations shortly after their LSD experiences, including a mathematical theorem for NOR gate circuits, a conceptual model of a photon, a linear electron accelerator beam-steering device," [and more....]

  2. The graphite bomb, a non-lethal weapon that can be delivered via warhead causing failure in electrical power systems by spreading a cloud of fine carbon particles that encourage arcing and short-circuiting between power lines.

  3. The Rasberry Crazy Ant which is attracted to electrical equipment and even chews through wires for 'unclear' reasons. When electrocuted they canrelease an alarm pheromone, attracting other ants to search for attackers which can lead to overheating, short circuits and mechanical failure.

  4. The US Military developed a non-lethal bomb that creates a cloud of conductive dust, which short circuits electronics and can take out a country's power grid.

  5. In WW2 the British deployed 100,000 weather balloons trailing metal wires in order to short circuit and damage German power lines. The operation was deemed a success.

  6. Syd Mead designed the Light Cycles in Tron, the vehicles in Blade Runner, the "Johnny 5" robot from Short Circuit, and several mobile suit mecha for the anime Turn A Gundam.

  7. The Indian scientist (with the very strong Indian accent) from the movie Short Circuit isn't Indian. He's actually a white actor from Chicago who 'browned up' for the role....he also happened to date Michelle Pfeiffer for 3 years.

  8. AO-7, an amateur satellite, went silent for 2 decades after a short circuit. An open circuit in 2002 allowed communication to reach it, ending 2 decades of silence.

  9. An orangutan named Karta escaped her enclosure by jamming a stick into the wires that control her electric fence, short-circuiting it. She then made a platform from leaves & branches to scale the enclosure & escape. Keepers believe her escape was driven by the death of her lifelong mate Pusung.

  10. In the Short Circuit movies, the main human character, Ben the Indian scientist, changes name between movies, from Ben Jabituya to Ben Jahveri....yet nobody seems to know why.

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Railroad tracks carry a small voltage between each of the rails. Whenever a train riding along the track shorts the circuit due to its metallic wheels and axles, railroad crossings and other various railroad mechanisms can be activated.

About Tin Whiskers. These are microscopic tendrils made of tin that form on the metal bits in circuits. They have been seen to grow up to 10mm and cause short circuits when they bridge the gaps in closely-spaced circuits. As it stands, there is no single accepted reason as to why/how they form. - source

Ben Javheri, an Indian scientist and main character in the 1988 film Short Circuit 2, was played by Fisher Stevens, a white guy in brown face faking an Indian accent. - source

The Indian main character from the Short Circuit movies is actually a white, Jewish guy from Chicago.

It took a dozen people at a time to operate Johnny 5 (the robot in the Short Circuit movie) - source

What happens when something short circuits?

About a wayward octopus named Otto. Otto has been known to juggle his aquariums occupants, throw rocks against the glass, completely rearrange his tank and on one occasion caused a power blackout by short circuiting a lamp.

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The first "computer bug" was a moth that flew into and short circuited the Mark II computer at Harvard in 1947.

Electronics can grow metal whiskers at up to 1mm/year, and they can cause short circuits as devices age.

A convicted murderer managed to avoid the electric chair, only to die by accidental electrocution from his cell's steel toilet while trying to fix a pair of headphones. He bit into the wire and the wet toilet short-circuited, causing his death.

The true extent of the damage to the Curiosity rover's wheels; while they'll almost indefinitely function as wheels no matter how badly they're damaged, the deformed metal will eventually run the risk of scraping electrical cables and short-circuiting the mobility system or even the whole rover.

In Nov. 1944, Japan launched 9,300 bombs carried by balloons to the USA. These killed six civilians, crashed into a farm and caused a short circuit in power lines supplying electricity for the nuclear reactor cooling pumps in the Manhattan Project's production facility.

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A computer bug is called that because the first one discovered was literally a bug fried into the circuitry of an early computer which caused a short circuit

The difference between type-A and type-B USB: they are complementary and designed this way to avoid accidental short circuit

The Indian man in the Short Circuit movies was just Fisher Stevens in brown face.

The term 'short circuit' literally means that electricity has found a shorter route in the circuit to make it from - to +

There are an invasive species of ant in Texas that are attracted to electricity. They gather in numbers so massive they often short electrical circuits and electronics.

How the coronavirus short-circuits the immune system?

Johnny 5 featured in a safety advert: Hot Cars, Cold Facts - A Short Circuit Short

Otto the octopus caused a short-circuit in his aquarium by shooting water at a bright light that was annoying him. He has also thrown stones against his tank, damaging it, and has been seen juggling hermit crabs.

The role of Ben Jabituya in Short Circuit was played by a white guy

The Rasberry crazy ant - an ant that is attracted to electrical equipment and makes electronic devices like videogames, set-top boxes and computers their home. Sometimes up to 300 may be found dead in a single device, causing short-circuits, corrosion and overheating

Ben in Short Circuit was played by a white guy in makeup doing an Indian accent.

Squirrels climb power transformers and capacitors looking for food, causing short circuits that shut down equipment. They have brought down the NASDAQ stock market twice, and are responsible for numerous power outages at the University of Alabama.

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