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Little Women was published in 1868 and brought Louisa May Alcott great financial success. Little Women was a semi-autobiographical novel about her and her sisters" childhoods.

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A Christmas Story was narrated by the original author of the semi-autobiographical short stories the movie was based on

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  1. The film A Christmas Story was based on a series of semi-autobiographical short stories, three of which were originally published in Playboy magazine between 1964 and 1966.

  2. Dostoevsky's semi-autobiographical novel about prison camps in Siberia, The House of the Dead, was the basis for the 2001 pornographic film The Abyss by Thomas Zupko.

  3. The author of the semi-autobiographical novel Leaving Las Vegas committed suicide by gunshot two weeks after learning that his novel was to be made into a movie.

  4. Stephen King called H.P. Lovecraft "the 20th century's greatest practitioner of the classic horror tale." King made it clear in his semi-autobiographical book Danse Macabre that Lovecraft was responsible for his own fascination with horror and the macabre, and was a strong influence.

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