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J.R.R.Tolkien (The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings) and C.S.Lewis (The Chronicles of Narnia) were friends at Oxford. They organised a literary group for budding writers who would share their stories over lunch and a beer in the same pub every Tuesday.

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The lady who illustrated "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Chronicles of Narnia" had a close friendship with J.R.R Tolkien, but not with C.S. Lewis, because she was upset after Lewis had said "that she could not draw lions."

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  1. Many works of literature including Paddington Bear, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Lord of the Flies are based on the evacuation of children in England during WW2 (Operation Pied Piper)

  2. C.S. Lewis began publishing the series The Chronicles of Narnia in the 1950s. The first book The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, was published in 1950.

  3. JRR Tolkien (Lord of the Rings) and CS Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia) were best friends, and the striking similarities in their worlds have created theories that both stories take place in the same universe.

  4. Skandar Keynes, the actor who played Edmund Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia, is the great-great-great grandson of Charles Darwin.

  5. C.S. Lewis, before writing the famous fantasy series The Chronicles of Narnia, completed a set of science fiction works known as The Space Trilogy.

  6. As a young man C.S. Lewis, Christian theologian and author of the Chronicles of Narnia, was keen on sadomasochism, read the works of de Sade, and once begged partygoers to let him beat them with a whip.

  7. Amy Lee, lead singer of Evanescence, once claimed that she had been Writing music for the "Chronicles of Narnia" movie that had been rejected for being "too dark," however, the producers of the movie claimed that no Evanescence music had ever been planned for the soundtrack.

  8. Skandar Keynes, the actor who portrayed Edmund Pevensie, in the most recent film adaptation of The Chronicles of Narnia is the grandson of physiologist, Richard Keynes, and the great-great-great grandson of naturalist, Charles Darwin.

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J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis, the author of The Chronicles of Narnia were close friends that both served on the English faculty at Oxford.

There are a small group of school friends dedicated to making shitty adaptions of the Chronicles of Narnia... And its bloody hilarious! - source

The coat of arms of the Italian city of Narni (whose latin name "Narnia" inspired C.S. Lewis, writer of "The Chronicles of Narnia") contains a red griffin - source

The name of the novel series "chronicles of Narnia" was based on an existing village named Narni some 50 miles north of Rome, which was called Narnia in ancient Rome.

The Chronicles of Narnia character Mr. Tumnus may well have been the original inspiration for the entire CoN series/universe. - source

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The Chronicles Of Narnia and all other works by C.S. Lewis have entered the public domain in Canada.

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