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Winston Groom was paid $350,000 for the screenplay rights to his novel Forrest Gump and was contracted for a 3 percent share of the film's net profits but never received his share due to hollywood accounting which posits that the movie lost money

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Winston Groom, the author of "Forrest Gump" the source for the titular movie, was contracted to earn 3% share of the profits. The film made about $678 million on the budget of $55 million, but Paramount did not pay Groom, using Hollywood accounting to posit that the film indeed lost money.

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  1. Winston Groom , author of the novel "Forrest Gump", wanted John Goodman to play the lead role of Forrest in the movie. In the novel, Forrest is 6 foot 6 inches tall, 240 pounds, uses much profanity and is very sexually active.

  2. Forrest Gump is based off of a novel by Winston Groom. In the book, he becomes an astronaut and goes to space with an ape named Sue. He also has a brief stint as a professional wrestler named "The Dunce".

  3. Despite Forrest Gump generating over $650m in revenue, the book's author, Winston Groom, didn't receive a single dollar from the movie's proceeds due to a practice called "Hollywood Accounting."

  4. The 9/11 attacks stopped the making of the Forrest Gump sequel,(Gump & Co.). Winston Groom(writer of the original) wrote and published the sequel in 1995. When Groom turned in his novel to Paramount on Sept 10 2001, it was rejected the next day. Thinking that the film would no longer be relevant

  5. Winston Groom, author of the novel Forrest Gump, envisioned John Goodman playing the title role of Forrest

  6. Winston Groom, author of the novel Forrest Gump, envisioned John Goodman in the title role

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