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In 2012, a Cleveland woman arrested for a traffic infraction was ordered to stand for 2 days holding a sign that read "Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus."

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Growing up in rural North Carolina, Richard “Old Man” Harrison of Pawn Stars fame became a school bus driver at the age of 14, parking it at his house every night and picking up children in the morning. He also earned his nickname of “Old Man” at the age of 38

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  1. A Cleveland woman was ordered by a judge to stand on a corner during rush hour on two days holding a sign that read "Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus", after notoriously disregarding the law and laughing at the charges.

  2. A child is 16 times safer riding to school in a school bus than in a family vehicle

  3. A golden retriever, Figo, sacrificed his safety to protect his owner. He leaped in front of a school bus in an effort to protect a blind woman. The chief of police said he'd seen dogs protect their owners from intruders, but never automobiles. Figo only sustained a leg injury.

  4. In 2007 the I-35W bridge in Minnesota collapsed with a school bus on the deck. As it fell, a truck driver swerved to give them an exit. It cost him his own life but saved over 50 children.

  5. School bus yellow was specifically created for use on school buses at a conference in 1939. Attendees at the seven-day conference included paint experts from DuPont and Pittsburgh Paints. The color was chosen because it attracts attention and is noticed quickly in peripheral vision.

  6. A Cleveland woman who was arrested for a traffic infraction was ordered to stand on a corner during rush hour for two days holding a sign that read "Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus."

  7. Tom Hanks' daughter, Elizabeth Hanks appeared in the film Forrest Gump. She was the little girl on the school bus that refused to let Forrest sit next to her.

  8. André the Giant was so large by the age of 12 that he could not fit on the school bus, and so was driven to school by playwright Samuel Beckett

  9. Students in Karasjok, north in Norway don`t get to stay home from school until it`s -50°C (-58°F). The school bus stops driving when it`s -38°C (-36°F).

  10. The Chowchilla kidnapping in which a school bus full of children aged 5-14 and their driver were buried alive within a van. And thanks to the efforts of the driver, dug themselves out and escaped their kidnappers, who were three young men from wealthy families in California.

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The largest mass kidnapping in US history. A school bus driver and 26 children were abducted as part of a failed ransom plot in 1976. They were buried alive in the back of a moving van. The driver, with help from some of the older kids, managed to open a trapdoor and free everyone inside.

During one of the Magic School Bus episodes they literally had fish ejaculate on the entire cast of kids. - source

A woman jumped from a moving car after seeing a spider on her shoulder. The 9 year old passenger attempted to stop the car, hit the gas, and collided with a school bus. - source

Irish avant-garde playwright Samuel Beckett used to drive a young Andre the Giant to school because he was too large for the bus

A Texas school district is so small that one person "has been the superintendent, the principal, the third-to-sixth-grade teacher, the ESL instructor, the special-ed teacher, the repairman, the contractor". Divine, Texas (about 20 students)'s school bus is a used white limousine. - source

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The theme from "The Magic School Bus" isn't sung by someone imitating Little Richard, but by Little Richard Himself.

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A homeless girl who attended 12 schools in 12 years went to Harvard. She with her family used to move from shelter to shelter or sleep in bus stations or on the street. She was accepted to more than 20 universities before choosing Harvard.

An Ohio Judge, who each year would move a drunken-driving trial from his courtroom to a local high school as a cautionary tale to students, was arrested himself on a DUI after he hit a County bus, failed to stop, then refused a sobriety test after being pulled over by police

Ride on the Magic School Bus", the theme song to the PBS Cartoon, "The Magic School Bus", was performed by Rock and Roll Legend, Little Richard

The world record for the largest hotbox is held by New Zealand who smoked out a converted school bus, The Cannabus, with 84 people inside. They beat the previous record holder which was themselves. The organizer of the group is currently serving time in prison for cannabis charges.

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A bus shelter on the isle of Unst, in Shetland. The bus shelter was to be removed, but a seven-year-old boy wrote a letter asking for it to stay, as he stored his bike there when he went to school. The bus stop is now decorated with a new theme yearly by local residents - anonymously.

The megalodon had teeth the size of a human head and was longer than a school bus.

In 2006, following the death of two teens in a school bus accident, Ashley's and Alicia's Law was proposed to put seat belts in all school buses. That law is now in limbo because school buses are already remarkably safe, and seat belts don't work the same way in buses as they do in cars.

The woman who was caught on video driving in the sidewalk to avoid a school bus had to stand on the street with a sign as punishment.

Giant squid can be long as a school bus.

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The Hubble Space Telescope is almost the same size as a school bus.

The theme song for The Magic School bus was performed by Little Richard

A typical military railgun design aims lfor muzzle velocities in the range of 2000–3500m/s with muzzle energies of 5–50 MJ. For comparison, 50MJ is equivalent to the kinetic energy of a school bus weighing 5 metric tons, travelling at 509 km/h (316 mph).

Fire trucks with lights and sirens blaring still have to stop when there is a school bus on the other side of the road with its red lights flashing.

The singer in the Magic School Bus theme song is Little Richard.

During a 3 week period in Norway called Russ, high school seniors buy a bus and party all night until school starts the next day. They also earn russ knots for doing things like, "crawling through a supermarket while barking and biting customers' legs."

The reason school buses are required to stop at all railroad crossings is because of a 1938 accident in Sandy, UT. The bus and train collided during a whiteout snowstorm killing 26 onboard.

Anaconda can be 30 feet long (like a school bus) and weigh up to 550 pounds (like 11 kids). Females are larger than males.

A child riding inside a diesel school bus may be exposed to as much as 4 times the level of toxic diesel exhaust... up to 46 times the cancer rate considered significant under US federal law

In 2009 a NY school bus driver suffered a heart attack while driving, collapsed, rolled out of the moving bus, & died in the street. 16 yr old camp counselor Rachel Guzy, without hesitation, ran to & slammed on the brakes before crashing into a minivan. No one was seriously hurt in the accident.

In the US, cars have to stop in both directions when a school bus is loading/unloading kids

As a result of his gigantism, André the Giant was 6'3" and 240 pounds at the age of 12. Nobel Prize-winning writer Samuel Beckett drove him to school in his truck because he didn't fit on the bus.

Danny Tamberelli, who played Arnold in the Magic School Bus, also played Michael's son in GTA V.

The Nazis had their own car club that was a combination motorcycle gang, roadside assistance club, driving school and party rally bus service.

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